AbbyTone Screwed Driver


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Pedalgeek about the Abbytone Screwed Driver

There's a million overdrive pedals out there. Why buy this one?

Well, it's got a cool name. It's green... Couple knobs... There's a couple switches involved, too.

It also turns your clean channel into a gained-up firebreathing asskicker. The neat thing here is the three-position tone/gain switch. In the "Normal" (middle) position, you can turn the gain all the way down for a straight clean boost. Crank up the gain to get a smooth, natural overdrive. Flip the switch up to "Treble," and you get a treble-flavored overdrive with a little more kick -- it's like having Joe Strummer in a box. All the way down in the "Full" position, you get a thick, full-spectrum overdrive. The Screwed Driver also responds startlingly well to your pick attack and your guitar's volume control.

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