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Here she is. The Gainer.

Four very interactive knobs and a bad attitude. Like a pitbull missing half its nipples.

The Gainer goes from clean to full-on dirty, so you can use it to create overdrive in your amp, on its own, or both. It features a high input impedance (~1.1M), so it really brings out the color and character of your pickups.

The circuit contains three major sections: a JFET buffer, a MOSFET clean boost and a power amp. The "pre" and "volume" controls determine how much the clean boost is applied to your signal, and then how much of that amplified signal hits the power amp, the character of which is controlled by the "gain" knob. The "master" knob acts as a master volume control.

The guts here are top drawer: Orange Drop caps, 1-percent metal film resistors and point-to-point construction. Runs forever on a nine-volt battery, and if you want, I can put in a jack for your standard Boss-style AC adaptor.

Thanks to the high-end components and solid construction, The Gainer is ridiculously quiet when not in use.

And, of course, it(s true bypass.

A note on aesthetics: Every last bit of work on these guys is done by me. I do all the soldering and drilling and wiring and fitting. All by hand, so each little monster is a beast unto itself. That(s another way of saying: well, the knobs might not be perfectly aligned.

The art on the pedal is a high-quality vinyl sticker. Which means I can make these in a variety of colors (So long as you want green, blue, yellow, white or clear vinyl). Fun, right? It also means that, if you want a custom print, I can do that to. So, if you(ve always wanted a pedal that says, for instance, "The Neighbors Can Go Fuck Themselves," well, you(ve come to the right place.

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