AbbyTone pedals were made in 2004-2005 by Jonathan Segura in Brooklyn, NY, USA. The brand was named after his English Bulldog Abby, who can also be seen in the logo.

    In Jonathan's words:

    The winters in New York are cold and ugly, and a guy can only read so many books. So what's he do? He does what his girlfriend tells him to do, which, in my case, meant getting a hobby. For any number of reasons that I'm not going to get into here (but they more than likely had something to do with being loud and troublesome), I started geeking around with electronics.

    Fast forward a bit, up to where I finish grad school in the spring of 2004 and realize I have no lucrative employment prospects. (An MFA in fiction writing. Go figure.) So, one day, I'm walking the dog (you guessed it; her name is Abby), and I think, "Well, why not spend an inordinate amount of money that I don't have by starting an ill-planned business venture that very well may not pay off? Maybe, one day, it'll bring in beer money." (Of which, mind you, I tend to need a lot.)

    In 2008 his book "Occupational Hazards" was published.

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