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Aalberg Audio

Electric guitarists can now simultaneously and remotely control their favorite amplifiers, effects pedals, and MIDI equipment

The ‘MOON MO-1’ wireless switcher from Aalberg Audio remotely wirelessly controls multiple instruments and audio equipment.

Oslo, Norway – October 4th, 2016 – Aalberg Audio has started their Kickstarter campaign for the MOON wireless switcher. MOON can be plugged into an amplifier, a guitar effects pedal, or any piece of equipment with a MIDI input, allowing the musician to both wirelessly and instantly control that device.

To remotely control the MOON the guitarist can either use Aalberg AERO remote controller that a guitarist attaches to their guitar or guitar strap or the free Aalberg Remote App; an app for tablets and smart phones.

The MOON switcher allows the user to also control any third party amp for wireless channel switching and reverb, wireless ABY-switching of any guitar pedals and wireless MIDI-control of any gear using MIDI.

The user can connect up to eight units simultaneously using the MOON switcher and supplied cable adaptors.

Using the AERO remote the guitarist can move freely around stage and remotely control and alter amp channels & the effects parameters from their instrument, within a range of 30 meters.

The app could for example be used by a sound engineer to remotely take control of audio equipment on stage during a performance.

“Thanks to the power of the latest Bluetooth technology our system can control up to eight devices, and with one click you can change your whole sound,” says Aleksander Torstensen, CEO of Aalberg Audio. “Previously you would have needed some very advanced and expensive gear to achieve this.

“Now the musician has complete freedom. They have complete control and flexibility that brings new possibilities to how a song is played. It also enhances instruments in new ways not previously possible.”


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