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Aalberg Audio

KOR KO-1 is a high quality stereo in/out combined Chorus and Flanger stompbox. 

It can be used as a standalone pedal, or controlled wirelessly from the Aalberg AERO AE-1 Wireless Controller. 

You can toggle between Chorus and Flanger mode on the pedal with the footswitch or you can store the mode as part of a preset from the AERO, to instantly change the effect including settings from a distance of up to 30 m (90 feet).

The KOR pedal gives the player different mono and stereo configurations including a dry/wet split and stereo panning from left to right, giving a more spacious feel to the Chorus or Flanger effect.

Summed up: 

The Aalberg KOR KO-1 Chorus/Flanger Pedal gives a lot of possibilities in one pedal, with the combination of both Chorus and Flanger effect and the option of wireless control from the AERO Wireless Controller.

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