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Aalberg Audio

Delay stompbox wirelessly controlled with AERO™ (AE-1)

EKKO™ is the world's first delay stompbox with a wireless control unit. It works like a normal delay pedal. Every parameter on this pedal can be controlled with the wireless controller - AERO™.


  • True bypass
  • Semi-analog delay (100% analog direct signal)
  • Wireless transmission of effect´s parameter settings only; audio signal untouched
  • Parameters: Delay Time, Level and Feedback
  • Stereo in/out
  • Up to 10 seconds delay time
  • High quality audio: 24-bit/96kHz sample rate @ 10 seconds delay time (stereo)
  • Weight: 533.0 gram
  • Dimensions: 55.4 X 141.0 X 89.3 (H x L x W) (mm)


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