73 Effects Super-Fuzz


  • Balance
    controls the mix of dry/wet signal
  • Tone
    switches between 2 tone settings
  • Expander
    controls the input level of the effect. At higher gain settings a lot of effects can go into overdrive or distortion.


73 Effects

Just released - the towering, ominous force of evil known as the Superfuzz. This is an accurate sonic reproduction of the classic Univox Super-Fuzz, a silicon transistor extreme fuzz with some up-octave craziness thrown in. It gives you the option of torturing your neighbors with two distinct tone modes: one a wide-open midrangey chainsaw grind, and the other a crushing mid-scooped tone that reportedly made Anton LaVey wet his pants. It's antisocial, unfriendly and downright rude.

Even though it's a 40+-year-old circuit, there are some modern additions to make it work in a modern pedalboard. 9v DC power that works with a negative-tip Boss PSA or similar adapter, true bypass switching, and reverse polarity protection.

Controls include Balance, which acts as a volume control, Expander, which takes you from a stupid amount of fuzz to even stupider, and the tone control that switches between the scooped and flat modes. An LED indicator really just states the obvious. You will know this pedal is on without a light.

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