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The Start

We spent 8 long months in R&D trying to find a way to improve pedal sound and dynamic response, and based on proven test results, we decided to go back to the old school way.

Every Sally Drive is made with care, passion, extreme attention to all the details and of course, supreme craftsmanship.

Under the hood

All the parts that go into this boutique stomp box are high grade audio components that were meant to be used in tube amp applications. You will find many highly regarded component makers names on the circuit board. Even the wires we used are vintage style cloth wires and military spec silver plated Teflon wires. There is absolutely so compromise in the parts we use.

The Sound

Tone-wise, The Sally Drive offers a warm, full body, natural and rounded sound. It preserves your precious guitar wood tone and doesn't color your amp's tone. It just gives you a natural overdriven tone with very dynamic response to your playing.

While it is based on the original 808 design, the better components and construction in Sally offers much more punchiness, depth, and tube-like characteristic, making the Sally Drive a perfect tool for blues, jazz, and anything that requires extra touch sensitive response to bring out your groove in heart and deliver to your audiences.

A few words from the maker - (we try to be unbiased, really!)

There are tons of overdrives on the market and many of them are REALLY great. If you've already looked into the top notch boutique names like Klon, OKKO, Ethos, Spaceman... etc you probably know their quality and tone all reached certain level that makes comparing meaningless.  And at the end of the day, it is of course more of a personal taste opinion than a technical comparison that steers your decision making.

We do not want to say Sally is specifically better than xxxx or xxxx. All we want to say is that Sally is made with passion for the guitarists who love its appearance, its point to point construction, and seek for tonal upgrade from average overdrive.And now, how is Sally Drive different from typical overdrive pedals?1. The overall sound is more natural and more tube-like2. More touch sensitive and present differences in dynamic and velocity 3. Bass is tight, exceptional clarity and articulation in complex chording, works great with twangy licks4. Low pick noise, and the pick noise sounds solid, tight unlike typical loud and unpleasant pick noise.5. Feels like playing through an cranked tube amp. The attack and response are very different from pedal overdrive6. Great warmth and depth as oppose to typical flat sounding overall EQ and harsh bite. If TS808 is your thing, you'd definitely love the added warmth, depth, fatness, tighter bass, and enjoy exceptional dynamic response from Sally. Despite the fact that it costs us well more than 5 times on both material and labor costs than making a conventional PCB pedal, we still want to make a truly "boutique" stomp box available to everyone without a high price tag.

Sally IS

  • a TS808 clone, but not just another TS808 clone
  • a simple tool to help musicians focus on making music
  • designed for blues, jazz and classic rock
  • heavy (1.5 lb.) and tall (1.95" enclosure)
  • running on 9V DC adapter only because there is no space for battery

Sally is NOT

  • high gain overdrive, can't do heavy tunes
  • the ultimate solution to your tone quest, there is simply no "best"
  • multi tone generator with clipping options, it only faithfully shows your guitar & amp tone
  • xxx times better than specific pedal, it is just a matter of taste and preference



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