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R3 is a modded version of the classic RAT Distortion.

Like all other pedals from 6 Degrees FX, the R3 is constructed in real PTP format and is loaded with only the finest parts and components, which yields extremely sensitive response and pleasing tone. Try higher voltage (9V to 18V) to get higher headroom with bigger, even more articulated tone. R3 has more gain than the original RAT distortion, and the response is extremely fast! When the gain is maxed you can shred on R3 with exceptional note clarity. Every note you pick is fast and solid, every chord you strum sounds fat and articulated.

The main feature on R3 is the G.A.S switch, which allows you to select (G)ermanium clipping, (A)symmetrical clipping, and (S)ilicon clipping. Each of the 3 voices sounds and responses differently.

Germanium clipping offers early classic rock tone and has some mid accentuation.  When drive is set low, it can easily produce familiar blues and rock tunes from the 60's 70's. You can get a secondary voice in the Germanium clipping mode by lowering your guitar volume to 6 or lower. By doing so the hard clipping sound will get filtered and you will get a warmer, overdrive-like soft clipping type of tone.

Asymmetrical clipping is louder, clearer, fatter than the other 2. Its full-bodied tone will remind you of a real tube amp being driven hard. It has the fat tone from the germanium mode, and also the edgy top end from silicon clipping mode. It's the most articulated voicing of the 3 and is very suitable for lead solo. You can also get the secondary voice by lowering guitar volume to filter out hard clipping.

Silicon clipping is more compressed, a bit heavier in bass and more solid in overall response. It has the fastest response and you can shred on it when gain is maxed. You cannot get secondary voice in this mode but you can access various degrees of drive simply by using your guitar volume knob. This mode is suitable for heavy riffing, arpeggio, sweeping, tapping and anything heavy rocker would do.



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