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"Luxury must remain invisible, but it must be heard"

- slogan stole from Coco Chanel and tweaked by 6 Degrees

It is 100% hand built in Vancouver B.C. Canada, using only the finest parts that were meant to be used in tube amps.

Millie Fuzz has 2 voicings, vintage and modern. They can be toggled via a foot switch.

  • The vintage voice is fat and warm, good for Jimi Hendrix style both rhythm or lead. Add some reverb and delay it will instantly reminds you of Pink Floyd dark side of the moon tone. (we made it this way because of popular demand/request by customers)

  • The modern voice is more compressed, more aggressive, and heavy enough to carrying on a riff based groove (think RATM) or noisy, distorted lead sound (think Muse)

Millie Fuzz is sensitive to voltage change. You can power it up by using standard 9V DC adaptor, or 9V battery. Be sure to try a dying battery to see how it changes the texture of the fuzz, it's fun!

Controls are from left to right: Fuzz, Tone, Level

  • "Fuzz": controls the saturation. Fully counterclockwise gives you a mild overdrive sound. Fully clockwise gives you saturated fuzz sound.

  • "Tone": we used a computer program to map out the interactive frequency range created by a low pass filter and high pass filter. It is capable to produce mid boost, flat, low boost, treble boost, slight mid boost with just one knob.

  • "Level": your overall volume control. Can go extremely quiet or quite hot.

Start shipping September 6th, 2013


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