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2 independent circuits built in one housing

FamiComp is a compressor pedal with a special trick - an 8 bit fuzz which generates midi-like tone to make you feel that 80's nostalgia. The idea is to have a trick pedal on your board but still preserve valuable pedalboard real estate when you don't use it. That's why this 8-bit fuzz lives in a practical compressor which you'd use frequently. These 2 circuits are independent and only one can be engaged at a time. Simply tap the left "SELECT" footswitch to toggle between the 2 channels. 

Classic compressor with that FAMILIAR tone 

The FamiComp circuit is based on the classic orange squeezer compressor which everyone is familiar with (thus the name). The graphic design, as you can tell, is borrowed from the famous video game console of the 80's, Japanese version of NES, which is called the "Famicom" in Asia.


The FamiComp has Blue channel for compressor and Red channel for 8-bit fuzz. The left foot switch toggles between the 2 channels and the right foot switch bypass the effect (master bypass). There are 3 knobs on the pedal, L for level, C for compression, and G for gain. Note that in Red ch. fuzz mode the C and G knob is bypassed and only the L will remain active. 

Fine adjustment controls

On the circuit board there are 4 trimpots. In the lower left corner, from left to right are Bias, Release, and Ratio for the compressor. In the upper right corner is the level balance control for the 8-bit fuzz. The FamiComp offers 3 additional controls for the compressor circuit which aren't found in the original design, giving you more flexibility to get the exact feel and tone you want. 

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