4ms Stereo Panneur



...the same smooth tremulation of the tremulus lune with left and right outputs left/mono and right/stereo inputs

The Stereo Panneur can be used as two independant mono tremolo effects

  • or as a stereo panner bouncing the signal from left to right to left to right
  • or as a true stereo effect, with independant left/right signal paths and sync'able LFOs

with a full range of waveshape controls (sawtooth, symmetry, square/triangle, pulse) for two independant sync'able LFOs, a dizzying array of stereo sounds at at your hand: from the subtle rolling, to simple panning, to psychedelic multi-LFO random stereo ear thrashing.

the spacing control sets

  • the center of stereo bouncing for unique asymmetrical effects
  • Extra LFOs are available as a mod, allowing you to mix in parallel another tempo, or modulate the speed of one LFO with another (fast-slow-fast-slow)...
  • Also available are expression pedal jacks for floor control of LFO speed, manually panning, or LFO depth.

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