4ms Nocto Loco



decompreSSssssing signals to square delight lower lower and lower bellow noctave down dowwwn dowwwwwn from one two three octaves. Octaves four five six make pulsing faster-higher lower-slower frequency-dependant tremolo...

from pure to furious, n'Octave fuzz loco will scream and destroy with tones ultra high and low in chaos vs. control, notes decae into random zero-point noise-of-the-airwaves octave'd into the audible

the Nocto Loco squares the input signal and shifts the signal (unity) one, two, and three octaves down.

Octaves four, five or six down can be mixed in causing a trembling, pulsing effect which varies speed based on the initial frequency.... faster pulses for higher notes and slower for lower notes.

Unity switch brings the "base" octave signal into the mix, creating possible chorus of three sounds (first square, octave down, and pulse).

Loco stomp switch unleashes chaotic sounds by frequency-shifting normally inaudible noise into the audible range.

Sheering swoosh on note decays, buzzing jumping octave hopping, fizzle sizzle radio-wave-tuning-audible noise from the bowels of atomic oscillations — it's always there, and the nocto makes it heard —(if you feel your sanity slipping, stomp back into sane mode for pure octaves down and pulse effects)

From the purity of a church organ, to the schizophrenic chorus of Pan's lyre, this pedal picks up where classic octaves leave off and throws in zero-point noise, creating sounds never heard before...

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