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As it's name implies, the Fatman/V2 has a very big sound! It offers a huge variety of distorions ranging from warm tube sounds, bluesy overdrive, ballsy distortion, and insane oscillating fuzz; this pedal is extremely versatile. In Fatman mode this pedal just plain rocks, the gain knob allows for a very wide range of distortion to cover every playing style!

When in the V2 oscillating fuzz mode, this pedal offers insane leads. You can switch between having a pre-set oscillator tone, controlled by a knob, or you can vary the oscillator frequency in real time by placing your foot over the built-in light control, giving an organic wah-distortion like effect. In oscillator mode this pedal can also give you very robotic sounding synthetic guitar tones, and even Nintendo-like video game sounds! Please note that when I refer to an oscillating fuzz, I mean it really oscillates. When you are not playing you will hear a tone generated by the pedal. In oscillating mode if you hit a note and let it fade out, you will first hear the oscillator sound interact with your insturment for a ring modulator like sound, then the oscillator will take over as the instrument continues to fade out.

Features include: true-bypass footswitching, Switchcraft jacks, heavy duty enclosure, dual color LED indicator, 9V AC adapter jack, and low noise high quality parts.

The controls for the Fatman/V2 pedal are: Gain knob, Volume knob, Frequency knob, photo on/off switch, true bypass footswitch, and mode select footswitch. It also has a dual color LED that is green when in Fatman distortion mode, and red when in V2 oscillating fuzz mode. Also, there is an internal clean blend control so it sounds as good on bass, vocals and keyboards as it does on guitar! It is powered by a 9V battery, or optional 9V Boss style AC adapter (not included).

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