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As it's name implies, the Fatman has a very huge sound! It offers a wide variety of distortions ranging from warm subtle tube sounds, bluesy overdrive, edgy distortion, and thick creamy fuzz. It gives you enough range of distortions to cover every playing style! Also, there is an internal clean blend knob so it sounds as good on bass, vocals, and keyboards as it does on guitar.

The controls include Gain, Tone, Volume, a Noise Reduction on/off switch, true-bypass footswitch, and internal clean blend control. The Gain covers a wider range of distortion than most other pedals. The Tone control let's you dial in your preference from boosted lows, to completely flat, to boosted highs, and anything in between, keeping the mids in tact so you won't get lost in the mix. The Volume control offers enough boost to make your tube amp really purr. The Noise Reduction switch can be turned on to tone down the noise floor and tame some of the feedback on higher gain settings. On lower gain setting simply leave it off, or turn it on for a gated effect. Finally the internal blend control can be adjusted to blend in the original unaffected sound, which is a great feature for bass, keyboards, and more.

The Fatman is powered by a 9V battery, or optional 9V Boss style AC adapter (not included).

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