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3Leaf Audio (press release, October 12, 2015)

3Leaf Audio Introduces Next Generation Proton and Wonderlove Envelope Filters

Seattle, WA (October 12, 2015) - 3Leaf Audio is excited to introduce the next generation Proton and Wonderlove envelope filters into its line of boutique effects pedals. The Proton and the Wonderlove are the gold standard for envelope-controlled filters, and the new versions take the sound made famous by Stevie Wonder and push it to new heights.

Wonderlove Deluxe Envelope Filter – the most versatile filter ever made.


  • 2nd Footswitch toggles between envelope and expression pedal control, allowing the Wonderlove to be used as a wah and an envelope filter.
  • Top-mounted jacks for easy pedalboard mounting.
  • External toggle for true/buffered bypass selection.
  • Increased sensitivity range for better compatibility with low-output instruments.
Price: $299 USD

The Proton and Wonderlove have a wide frequency bandwidth that works with any instrument. They include features that are standard across the 3Leaf Audio product line, including custom folded steel enclosures and relay true bypass system that automatically switches to bypass in the case of power failure. All 3Leaf Audio products are built in Seattle by musicians.


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2015-12-122013 version9.5/10  Was about to get the mufx tru-tron but got this on a whim instead. Then I got the tru-tron anyway. This one fits better on my board thoughand has more options. The blend knob is a fantastic addition. The boost knob as well. I haven't used the fx loop all that much but it is

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