3Leaf Audio Groove Regulator


  • Sensitivity
    This controls the sensitivity of the filter. This should be adjusted based on the output of your instrument. Set sensitivity lower for high-output instruments and higher for low-output instruments. The sensitivity knob works best when the volume control on your instrument is at full volume.
  • Attack
    This controls the initial response of the filter. Start with it at the minimum position and turn clockwise until the desired sound is reached.
  • Decay
    This controls the time it takes for the filter to sweep the note. Higher settings develop long, sweeping envelope sounds, while lower settings develop shorter, more "bubbly" envelope sounds. Decay should be set higher than attack so that the filter can sweep effectively.
  • Intensity
    This controls the intensity of the filter. It works like the tone knob of a guitar or bass. Higher settings will accentuate the treble frequencies; lower settings increase the filter's warmth.
  • Range (Hi/Lo)
    This controls the frequency range of the filter. The default position is HI which works well on guitar and bass. For users that want the fattest low-end sound, the LO setting is recommended.
  • Feedback
    Useful for guitarists, the feedback switch can be used to control the resonance of the filter. If you experience unwanted or excessive feedback, flip the switch to the down position. The feedback switch, when in the down position, also makes the envelope effect slightly more subtle.
  • Sweep (Up/Down)
    This controls the direction of the filter's sweep. In the UP position, the filter sweeps normally. In the DOWN position, the sweep is reversed. You may need to change the settings of the attack and decay knobs; settings that work in the UP position won't always work well in the DOWN position.


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