3Leaf Audio GR2 Envelope Filter


  • Sensitivity
  • Attack
  • Decay
  • Tone
  • Range (Hi/Lo)
  • Dry-Wet
  • Sweep (Up/Down)


3Leaf Audio (Aug 31, 2010)

Introducing the GR2 envelope filter. It has the sound that made the original famous, supplemented with the most-requested features.

New Features:

  • Wet/Dry Blend
  • Internal lowpass/bandpass switch
  • Internal gain trimpot
  • Internal true/buffered bypass switch. When in buffered bypass, the effects loop is active while in bypass.
  • Accepts 9-18v DC.

Available now for only $229.

3Leaf Audio

The ultimate filter for those who want total control of their sound. With precise control over attack and decay speed, the GR2 can emulate the sounds of both modern and classic envelope filters. It has a wide sensitivity range that works with active and passive instruments. The tone control sets the upper cutoff frequency, making the sound go from bright and lively to dark and swampy with the turn of a knob. The frequency range is tailored for guitar, bass, or whatever else you might want to plug into it. The new clean blend control expands the GR2′s versatility by mixing your clean tone with the filter. The effects loop lets you combine the GR2 with fuzz, octave and any other effects, while still triggering the filter with your clean tone. With the all-new internal lowpass/bandpass, resonance and gain controls, the tonal possibilities are endless. Whatever filter sound you’re after, the GR2 can deliver.

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