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Bass EFX

Spencer Doren, of 3Leaf Audio, and Chad Beeler, of Bass EFX, have collaborated to bring you the one pedal that every bass player will want to have in their arsenal. It's an EQ, preamp, DI, and headphone amp with an auxiliary input.  All aspects of this amazing new pedal are professional quality. It sounds flat out brilliant. The EQ points are perfect, chosen by ear, and sound great with any instrument, active or passive. The output of the preamp has loads of gain and will run any powered cabinet or be used in conjunction with any power amp and cabinet combination. But the crowning jewel of this pedal is the headphone section. A special switching power supply delivers the huge amount of current necessary to give you a clear, fat, and musical representation of whatever bass you plug in. Plus the "Aux" input allows for any music player source to be blended with your bass.  

This pedal is the perfect tool to use on your pedal board, take to the studio, or accompany you to your "woodshed" for polishing your chops and learning new tunes.  

The Enabler runs off a 9V Center Negative power supply (optional, a good choice is the EBS AD-9).

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