3Leaf Audio


    3Leaf Audio is run by Spencer Doren in Seattle, WA, USA.

    Timeline (by Spencer Doren)

    • 2006: I buy my first effect (a Lovetone Meatball), think about all the ways I would have made it better.
    • January 2008: Start work on a simplified version of the Meatball.
    • July 2008: Release my first product, the Groove Regulator.
    • December 2008: Streamline my building process, having my enclosures CNC machined and my circuit boards assembled at a local shop.
    • June 2009: Graduate high school.
    • August 2010: Release my second pedal, the GR2 Envelope Filter.
    • January 2011: Release the Proton, an homage to the classic Mutron III.
    • August 2011: Release the PWNZOR compressor, my first pedal to use my new relay bypass system. Start designing with surface-mount components.

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