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The 0xd FX Morse Device is a kill switch with a reversible momentary action. Say what mofo? Well look at it this way – it has 2 modes, and 2 controls:

  • .-. This control toggles the action of the momentary switch -.- between cutting the guitars signal when it is pressed or released.

  • -.- This control will either kill the signal from the guitar when it is pressed or released, determined by the state of .-.

So it is up to you – you can kill the signal by pressing -.- or you can bring it back by pressing -.- and you can change modes by pressing .-.

One thing I am going to point out is there is a mechanical click with the momentary switch which is completely inaudible through the amp. Any decent kill switch pedal has this as the supposed ‘silent’ switches are just not man enough to be stomped on ferociously – I wouldn’t make a pedal like this that couldn’t take a hammering. The Morse Device is made from quality components – Hammond enclosure, Switchcraft jacks and Alpha switches to guarantee excellent performance.

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