[interview] Dwarfcraft Devices takes over Devi Ever FX

As you probably know by now, last week Dwarfcraft Devices announced it took over ownership and management of Devi Ever FX.

It was no secret that Devi wanted to leave the pedal business and Dwarfcraft was the best candidate according to most fans and clients, but I still asked both parties for a bit more info and background:

Devi Ever FX

Devi Ever:

    The long and short of it is that I've always loved art, music, writing, and all things creative. About a year ago I started playing video games again after taking a decade off from really doing gaming. It occurred to me that all my passions really came together in the game industry, and I had wanted to do it when I was a kid, but it felt impossible back then.

    Now with modern game development tools I realized it was easy for anyone to make games, including someone like me who focuses primarily on art, music, and writing.

    Took me a long time though to really realize how miserable I was running the guitar pedal business, and one of the reasons I didn't want to leave was because I hated the idea of the brand dying, and I also felt bad about the Console not being finished (see announcement at Kickstarter). So I tried my best to keep things going for as long as I could, but my heart just wasn't in it.

    I'm not making excuses for the failure of the Console, but the truth is the business had been a dead weight (creatively) in my life for a few years now and I was just kinda a zombie moving forward even though I didn't have the passion anymore for gear.

    Somewhere between getting back into video games, and seeing the likes of EarthQuaker Devices become really successful (because it was obvious how much they love gear and have a passion for it), I realized I was only hurting myself, and the people who loved my gear, by pretending I could give all my energy and love to the biz.

    If it wasn't for Dwarfcraft coming along, I may have very well just closed up shop completely, because I was worn out, and I couldn't imagine anyone I'd want to sell the business to. Well, maybe Digitech, but that would never happen!

    So I put out a video about selling the biz to see who would be interested, and almost immediately Dwarfcraft got a hold of me, and it instantly made sense to have them carry on the biz. I don't think there has been another boutique company that quite gets my brand of humor and style and vision, and I've known them since they got their start, so I was extremely excited to help them out by doubling their business (they have a beautiful family to take care of after all!) while at the same time seeing the devi ever : fx legacy live on!


    Devi Ever


Dwarfcraft Devices

Dwarfcraft Devices:

    Devi has been mentioning getting out of the pedal business for years. We have always been interested in taking over, since we both love the circuits and Devi has been a mentor and friend for years. She was actually one of the first people to offer support and guidance when Aen started building effects. (*)

    When she announced on FB this fall that she wanted out, we called her right away. As we discussed the details, it was clear that we were all on the same page and really excited about moving forward. After a few months of figuring out logistics, funding, etc, we all signed the contract last week.

    We talked a lot about what kind of role Devi wanted to play in all of this and basically, she doesn't want to have any part in it, except for maybe graphic design work and the occasional question. Since we are really familiar with her circuits and history, it shouldn't be too much trouble to pick up where she left off.

    As of 2014 we'll be whittling it down to about 15 Devi Ever FX pedals, with some seasonal short runs, and special editions throughout the year. We're taking a really close look at public opinion, as well as sales, and the pedals that we love to make the decisions.

    One of the most important things we are looking at is to keep the amazing fuzz that Devi has worked so long at and to improve on that. Early in 2014, we will transition all of the Devi Ever FX enclosures to screen printed boxes (we will keep most of the art the same). We are also going to bring back the chaos switches on the VFM and the Soda Meiser. We are also tweaking a few circuits to retain more off the bass end.

    We are also encouraging people to contact us with questions, comments or concerns at devieverfx at gmail dot com


    Louise Hinz


I'd like to wish Devi all the best in her new career and personal life!

In 2003, when this was still "DiscoFreq's Envelope Filter site", Devi helped by sending a few pictures (including the first picture for the SMG Elek-Tron 1000 Effectmatic) and she was one of the first pedal manufacturers I talked with. Thank you very much!




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