[interview] Wild Media Systems: Vince M

Here's FXDB's interview with Vince M of Wild Media Systems.

Wild Media Systems is an musical electronics manufacturer specializing in the building and sales of talkboxes for guitar and keyboards.

It was founded by Vince M in Ulster County, New York, USA.

How did Wild Media Systems start?

On a dare. A band member tried to build a talkbox that was an instant failure. One-up-manship took over.

Wild Media SystemsWhere does the name come from?

From the idea that sound delivery can take other "wild" paths to create interesting musical experiences.

What sets Wild Media Systems apart from other builders?

All units are one of a kind, numbered and signed.Wild Media Systems Super Talker

Can you tell us something about the production process?

In-house. One builder. Entirely hand built.

Is parts selection important?

High quality, name brand components for reliability.

What does the future of Wild Media Systems look like?

Other product ideas are currently on the table and we hope to announce their availability soon. One product in particular will be coming out for drummers.

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