[interview] T-Rex: Miki Petersen

Here's FXDB's interview with Miki Petersen of T-Rex:

How did T-Rex start?

It all started with a loop pedal as a graduation project (Engineering Education) where Lars Dahl Jørgensen and Sebastian Jensen joined forces. This developed into their first product, the T-Rex BigFoot MIDI footboard, which soon was followed by the T-Rex Mac1 MIDI-to-analog controller.

Soon after followed ingenious products like the Alberta and Mudhoney!

We were trying to be original; offering products to professional musicians of a remarkable quality with high-quality components. T-Rex was driven by this passion and pioneering spirit of being the musician’s friend.

Where do the name and logo come from?

Monster effects pedals that will stand the test of time!

The old logo featured a dinosaur to reflect durability and sturdiness, the new logo was designed in 2004 to present a new professional direction and focus on modern production of innovative and high-end effects pedals.

What sets T-Rex apart from other builders?

T-Rex has come a long way since 1996, but the company is still driven by its original spark – a passionate belief that the right technology can do great things for how music sounds. Today, the “right technology” is an ideal balance of analogue warmth and digital precision – engineered from the ground up to serve the practical needs of working musicians. T-Rex Engineering is convinced that this formula for success will continue to help deliver superior tone on stages and in studios around the world.

How do you start on a new pedal?

It depends.

Some new innovative ideas may take several years to go into production and others more rapidly.

How do you name your pedals?

We believe people should build their own story and associations so telling our reasoning would just rule out people's own interpretation!

Can you tell us something about the production process?

A part of it is done by contractors, a part is done in-house.

All new products go through a detailed production process with the outmost focus on the sound, tone and live application.

This way we are confident in delivering the highest of quality.

How important is the look of your pedals?

Very important. And we are very proud of our unique look and feel!

All of pedals are sturdy. No pedal leaves the house without having gone through durability tests!

Which of your pedals makes you most proud?

T-Rex Replica. It has stood the test of time!

Our new product line the ToneBug series is another thing we are very proud of. They are competitively priced and great sounding pedals. Custom-made and housed in aluminium, these sturdy stomp-boxes bring top quality tone and design to all, while keeping costs at a minimum.

Which of your pedals is the most popular?

We have many popular products. Mudhoney, Møller, Replica,... They are all unique in one way or another.

Our new Gull wah pedal is an accomlishment as well. With Gull, we wanted to address a complaint many guitarists have with traditional wah-wah pedals: their response. Wah-wahs often jump into action at the slightest touch, leaving little room to work the pedal and build up slowly.

Gull addresses this with a special HOTSPOT button that gives you the option of slowing the onset of the effect and using the whole pedal to “wah” with. It makes Gull respond more like a musical instrument than many legacy pedals do.

We truly believe that the T-Rex Gull is the wah-wah the world’s been waiting for. Try it today at your local music store.

Who uses your pedals and for which genres?

A wide range of artists uses T-Rex effects pedals, from indie to high gain musical genres. We cater to the need of real professional musicians. New products are also based upon feedback from guitarist such as Steve Lukather, Mark Tremonti, Carlos Santana, Carl Verheyen, John Mayer, Michael Angelo Batio and Pete Townshend just to name a few of the T-Rex users.

We also have a few signature pedals:

Mark Tremonti - Signature sound - Phase Shifter
To create the new T-Rex phase-shifter, we teamed up with one of our time’s masters: Alter Bridge and former Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti. A devoted T-Rex user, Mark was looking for the perfect phaser to add to his onstage arsenal, and we’ve come up with a pedal he’s proud to endorse. Tremonti sets a new standard for gorgeous phased sound.

Michael Angelo Batio Overdrive - Twice the pedal for twice the guitarist.
Guitar phenomenon Michael Angelo Batio was in a dilemma. He is twice the guitarist, and he plays twice the guitar. But he didn’t have twice the overdrive he needed to keep up with his blistering licks and double-handed pyrotechnics. That’s why he teamed up with Denmark’s T-Rex Engineering – a producer of high-end and custom effects pedals – to create Michael Angelo Batio Overdrive. You only have to listen to Mr. Batio play to hear what this pedal can do – add an exquisite overdrive to your guitar sound.

The Møller was developed in 2003 for a well known danish guitarist called "Knud Møller". He plays guitar for Johnny Madsen and has also made solo albums.

He needed a good tube screamer with a clean boost. So we made him that pedal based on the Alberta.

Other danish players heard and saw the pedal, and they also asked for one. So, demand increased. We decided to improve the pedal and produce it. In the process we named the pedal Møller after Knud Møller.

What does the future of T-Rex look like?

Company Goal: T-Rex makes classic and signature effects pedals for the world’s best musicians. Our approach blends hi-tech innovation with old-world craftsmanship – always in the service of great sound.

Mission: Our mission is to provide the best effects on the market for reasonable money. Our products rule among high-end pedals, but the prices are still fair.

Our goal is always to:

  • Provide a wide range of guitar pedals
  • Provide a small but good line of bass pedals
  • Offer a good range of accessories, like power supplies and pedal boards

The success of this company relies on our continuous, innovative cooperation with experienced musicians, and all of our products are designed with the special needs of guitarists and bass players in mind.

Are you working on any new products?

Maybe ;0)

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