[interview] Snatchtronics: Carissa Spatcher

Here's FXDB's interview with Carissa Spatcher of Snatchtronics.

Snatchtronics is run by Carissa Spatcher (founder, proprietor, and chief engineer). She's located in the Greenpoint neightborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

How did Snatchtronics start?

I started fixing/copying pedals maybe 6 or 7 years ago for musician friends, as well as repairing my own gear. I became fascinated with electronics and taught myself enough theory to be able to design and produce my own pedals. I also build tube amps and hope to expand my line to include those in the near future.

I did repairs for a local music shop in Weymouth, Massachusetts so I had access to different effects that were on the market. I am also constantly inspired by other musicians and what they want out of their sound. But I pretty much did all the learning stuff on my own, with the help of books and the Internet. Right now I am very grateful to Main Drag Music of Brooklyn, NY for carrying my pedals.

SnatchtronicsWhere do the name and logo come from?

I started out going by Spatchtronics (from my last name, Spatcher), which was pretty cool, but Snatchtronics just had that extra-special ring to it.

The logo was made using Cowgirl-inspired rope lettering. That's my thing. And argyle socks.

What sets Snatchtronics apart from other builders?

I make pedals that are art objects as well as functional devices. I like to think they sound damn good, too!

Can you tell us something about the production process?

All my pedals are built in-house, pretty much by me. A metalworker friend fabricates my steel enclosures.

The PCBs are hand-wired with metal film resistors and germanium diodes.

The enclosures are custom water jet cut steel enclosures (OvaDrive) or black sparkle powdercoated drilled aluminum Hammond enclosures, finished with unique cut-text (int illuminated) or letter-stamp text.

Snatchtronics OvaDriveIs parts selection important?

I am very selective with the parts I use in my pedals. Only the sturdiest switches, pots, and jacks, most stable and noise-free capacitors, resistors, and chips. NOS diodes or transistors when appropriate. I always use chip sockets for easy replacement, and all of my pedals are wired true-bypass.

Who uses your pedals and for which genres?

Ian Hultquist of Passion Pit on the Snatchtronics OvaDrive: "I have not stopped using it since I got it last November, and it has proved to truly be an invaluable piece of my set up".

Greg Suran (touring guitarist of Liz Phair, Joe Walsh, etc) is featured on my website rocking the OvaDrive.

What does the future of Snatchtronics look like?

Items in current production: OvaDrive.

Items in development: Dual Analog Delay, Vox Repeat Percussion Clone, Snatchtonics Tube Amp division.

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