[interview] Schippmann: Carsten Schippmann

Here's FXDB's interview with Carsten Schippmann of Schippmann:

How did Schippmann start?

I invented a filter design just before I started to study electro techniques. 20 years later I tried to sell that design to other manufacturers - without success. So, I started to develop an own project around this new filter design. This was in March 2003.

Where do the name and logo come from?

Schippmann is my last name, it's a Nordic name and comes from "ship".

I love waves and simplicity in all manners, so the first letter, the "S", of my last name was turned by 90° to get a sine-wave.

What sets Schippmann apart from other builders?

The biggest difference, certainly, comes from the sound and precision of the circuits, but also from the conception of the devices.

How do you start on a new product?

Haha, nice question.

First step: Taking any idea which is in most cases already stored in my mind since a long time.

Second step: Playing with imaginations and possibilities in the mind.

Third step: Star to design all electronic and mechanics.

Usually, it takes about 9 month to several years from the idea to the production, depending strongly to the complexity of the project.

How do you name your products?

The German name "Ebbe Und Flut" means translated "ebb and flow" or " high tide and low tide" and stands for the "big wave".

Can you tell us something about the production process?

PCB's, soldering and enclosures are done by contractors. Testing, calibration and construction are made in the house of Schippmann.

Circuits are soldered in SMD technology.

The enclosures are custom made and worthy. Paintings are printed.

How important is the look of your products?

The look of Schippmann devices is important, of course, because of the importance of the " look and feel". There is a kind of communication between the user and the device and it's very important to have fun and a good feeling while playing with it.

Is parts selection important?

Absolutely! Especially all audio circuits are build with top class components from selected manufacturers. Standard components are in use wherever audio parameters are playing no role. But also such standard components are selected to higher grades (A, B) to minimize unwanted parameter strays resulting in a better reproducibility and more precision.

Who uses your products and for which genres?

Our technique is for people with high demands and with a tendency to extraordinary and well build stuff.

What does the future of Schippmann look like?

Main focus will surely be the analog audio processing at high end level. There are many ideas for future projects. Also a well mix of analogue and digital processing is a future aim.

Are you working on any new products?

Currently, the new rail should be a series of Eurorack modules (CS-8 series). This series will contain a couple of different VCF's, innovative and top sounding VCO's equipped with totally new possibilities you can't find anywhere else and audio processing units, generally. Waveshapers, high precision modulators (envelopes, LFO's), Ringmods and some stuff that's still secret.

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