[interview] Piod: Aleksey Malyshok

Here's FXDB's interview with Aleksey Malyshok of Piod:

How did Piod start?

My first education is associated with electronics. It was a childhood passion, which gradually developed. I started making pedals on a commercial basis in 2011, as a hobby it was much earlier. I do the bulk of the work, but in the assembly a few more people take part: a few men help with soldering, and women assembling boxes.

Most of all I am inspired by other builders pedals. I like the work by: John Lyons from Basic Audio (Amazing fuzz boxes! Beautiful hammer patterns, flawless installation inside the boxes), Farndurk, Z. Vex, Devi Ever, EarthQuaker Devices, Wren and Cuff,... Also builders from Ukraine like Zmey (Змей Горыныч) and many others, from small to large manufacturers, from vintage builders to modern!

Where do the name and logo come from?

I don't know, it came in my mind out of nowhere a couple of years ago.

In the logo I did something with the first and last character. I review the design from time to time, it is normal for me. I am passionate about graphic design and worked a couple of years in that industry.

What sets Piod apart from other builders?

We have a different sound, appearance, font, spirit. Yes, the best inside the box is a dogma for the builders of pedals. We are a small company and are not experienced in marketing.

How do you start on a new pedal?

A new pedal comes from an inner desire. If I am prepared to say: I want this pedal myself - I'm doing it.

The release of a new pedal may take about a month, for small projects. Prototyping, the designing and making the PCB, preparation of the prototype, soldering,...

All effects have long been invented, but this shouldn't scare you off. If a pedal already exists on the market, maybe you will have to offer the buyer a lower price, a nicer box, a little different sound.

Can you tell us something about the production process?

We build the pedals in-house, in a workshop for the dirty work, with 3 people.

Our circuits are hand-wired and use PCBs. For the enclosures: we use standard die-cast boxes, they're ok in both price and quality. We finish them with enamel hammer tone paint and have our own method of airbrushing the labels.

How important is the look of your pedals?

We use a unique font that suits us both technically and visually. It was developed by Ukrainian designer Dmitry Rastvortsev. A unique font - the basis of our design front of the pedal.

Is parts selection important?

Of course the selection of components is necessary. And in the fuzz pedals all germanium transistors are matched.

Who uses your pedals and for which genres?

We do not have pedals designed for heavy metal styles. I love the more classic sound and apparently it controls the entire product range. Our pedals can be used for indie, rock, blues, grunge and other styles.

I am speaking to unknown bands and artists on the rise, we help each other.

What does the future of Piod look like?

I got a lot of experience in identifying the needs for the effects I would like build. I plan to work on these, I love building guitar pedals!

Production on the verge of recovery, but it's close I do not plan!

Are you working on any new products?

Yes, I'm working on the development of two new pedals now. Silicon and germanium fuzz pedals built after the classic design. A good germanium fuzz for blues and a silicon one for rock.

They will be ready by the end of the year (2011).

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