[interview] Pedal Pad: Michael Stratton

Here's FXDB's interview with Michael Stratton of Pedal Pad.

Pedal Pad is a brand from MKS Professional Stage Products, a company in Topeka, KS, USA, run by Michael Stratton (President).

How did Pedal Pad start?

I started thinking about ways to make a pedal board that could be customized by the player. Knowing how often I was adding and changing pedals in my own rig, the pedal board design needed to be easy for a player to change his set-up over and over. I was able to acquire a rather broad utilitarian patent for Pedal Pad's ability to adjust back and forth between a single pedal surface to a stair stepped set-up which would accommodate two smaller pedals. I still have no idea, how guys are able to accurately hit some of their smaller pedals when they sit on a single plane behind larger ones.

Les Goering, who is a talented luthier and great player, and I played in a band together. We both had some pretty unusual designs for our pedal boards. His was a beautiful piece of woodwork with interlocking pieces finished with a walnut stain. Mine was all about function and durability. We bounced a lot of ideas off of each other. Ultimately, I worked backwards from a price point which allowed serious players to acquire a piece of gear that protected their pedals, was quick to set-up and tear down and effectively positioned their pedals correctly.

Pedal PadWhere do the name and logo come from?

Pedal Pad is a happy home (Pad) for your pedals.

We recently updated our Website and have developed a new logo with the tag line "Get Serious.". Effects are such a big part of many players' sound and it made sense to identify the need for a serious piece of gear. I just spent $400 bucks for an Eventide Timefactor, which needs some serious protection. Players also need to interact with their pedals in a way that is easy and comfortable. Seriously! : )

What does the future of Pedal Pad look like?

Players might be interested to know that Pedal Pad is built in a prison located in Topeka, Kansas. It is a pleasure to work with the guys building Pedal Pad and see them taking pride in its construction. They know that their focus on quality is a big part of staying in the program and it shows. Pedal Pad has been produced this way for over eight years and we'll keep it going as long as we can.

MKS is also working on a new looping / bypass product, which we expect to introduce in early 2013.

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