[interview] MSM Workshop: Guillaume Martinod

Here's FXDB's interview with Guillaume Martinod of MSM Workshop:

How did MSM Workshop start?

In the beginning, I have tried many pedals to find "my" tone, and in the end, something was missing every time. After searching in France about pedal mods, it was very difficult to find a company. So I began to mod my own effects. Once I had modded some effects, the idea of sharing this grew and finally Msm Workshop was born!

MSM WorkshopWhere does the name come from?

MSM is for "Multi Service Music" and Workshop, because it's a workshop! For sure!

What sets MSM Workshop apart from other builders?

Our work is based on the tone, we respond to the customer's demand to get as close as possible to their desires. Each pedal need hours and hours of playing, listening, to be over the top. Our pedals are made on demand and are handwired.

How do you name your pedals?

Many of our mods names are a tribute to something... An author, a song, a band, an artist, a friend,... 

You can find the tributes on our website! There is one mod in particular, the "wah'l'again" mod. It's an Argot (slang) word from our town.

Can you tell us something about the production process?

All pedals are made in house. MSM Workshop works on its own.

All our pedals are handwired with high quality and vintage components. Our enclosures are in die cast aluminium (hammond etc). The painting and designs are made on demand, by hand. In spray, decals, engraved depending of what the customer wants.

How important is the look of your pedals?

Their guts !

Is parts selection important?

Every component is important, the vintage spirit is part of our philosophy. The only goal: have a true and great tone !

Which of your pedals makes you most proud?

For the mods, we are proud of the Boss CS-3 "Big Jack", which is a very popular mod. Also of the Proco Rat "Moderat", a very complete mod, it can be used for all purposes, from booster to distortion (as the Boss dS-1 "Full rock" mod).

And for the custom effects, the "Van SIAB" was a very particular pedal to make... A great design for a Van halen fan!

And many others !

What does the future of MSM Workshop look like?

For the future we have in mind:

  • A line of MSM Workshop pedals (loopers, and every kind of effects)
  • A cable brand
  • Accessories: Power supply, patches, etc...

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