[interview] Mellowtone: Eric Edvalson

Here's FXDB's interview with Eric Edvalson of Mellowtone:

How did Mellowtone start?

In high school in the late 90's I found information on building pedals online (GeoFex) and since I really wanted to build a distortion pedal because I couldn't afford to buy one at the local music stores. At the time there was an electronics surplus store in my town and I was able to get most of the parts I needed really cheap to build an Electra Distortion. The only problem was I couldn't find a real footswitch, so I had to use a tactile DPDT switch that my father helped me rig up. Unfortunately it broke very easily and I eventually stopped playing electric guitar after high school.

I later picked up electric again when I met some new friends, and a few years later one of those friends and I decided to try and build some pedals for fun. We sold a bunch of old records on eBay and used the money to buy parts and built a modified Electra Distortion and a Bazz Fuss. We sold the distortion to a friend and were pretty jazzed on it. After that I decided to strike out on my own and continue with the hobby and turn it into a small business.

Aside from my other gear loving friends who inspire me to make pedals and the one buddy I built those first couple DIY pedals with, I have really loved a lot of the resources online that can teach you so much... DIY Stompboxes, AMZ, Beavis Audio, and of course the old GeoFex. I am not an electrical engineer so my pedal designing is a lot more like cooking, using bits and pieces of circuits and info that I have learned from in the past to make a new pedal recipe.

Where do the name and logo come from?

It is a name inspired by the kind of names you would have seen from companies in the 50's or 60's, it has that retro appeal. Before I built pedals, I used to joke with a friend about how I was going to make a guitar company called Mellowtone.

While I don't have a specific logo, the font I use for the name (Debussy) I think really fits the feel, and I felt inspired by things like 70's and 80's arcade machine cabinet art when I chose it.

The other questions?

I just didn't feel like I had much of an answer for most of them, or didn't have an interesting answer at least.

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