[interview] Lockhart FX: Greg Lockhart

Here's FXDB's interview with Greg Lockhart of Lockhart FX:

How did Lockhart FX start?

I'm a friend/bandmate of Ron Neely II, owner/operator of RonSound. I had tried one of the early RonSound Blues Frenzy pedals and wanted a version with a tone control. Ron created a version for me and I liked it enough that I wanted to try marketing it under my own name.

All the Tone Wizards were built by RonSound.

Where does the name come from?

The name comes from my name as I'm the owner of Lockhart FX.

Can you tell us something about the production process?

All Lockhart FX pedals were built completely by RonSound.

All the Tone Wizards were hand-built on PCBs using unpainted die-cast aluminum enclosures with labels. The transistors were selected for low noise and proper gain.

How important is the look of your pedals?

The look is less important than the sound.

Is parts selection important?

The transistors used were current production germaniums, tested and selected for noise and gain.

Which of your pedals is the most popular?

The Tone Wizard. It's the only Lockhart FX pedal.

Who uses your pedals and for which genres?

They were built for the general public.

Brad Whitford of Aerosmith had a Tone Wizard on his board for a while.

What does the future of Lockhart FX look like?

The only pedal produced was the Lockhart FX Tone Wizard, which was a relabeled Deluxe version of the RonSound Blues Frenzy. Production ceased after only about 23 units were made, 10 of which were given to studio and professional musicians (including Brad Whitford of Aerosmith).

Are you working on any new products?

Lockhart FX is out of business. Starting in 2011, the Tone Wizard is available at RonSound as the Lockhart Signature Tone Wizard.

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