[interview] GoosoniqueWorx: Ravi Goose

Here's FXDB's interview with Ravi Goose of GoosoniqueWorx.

GoosoniqueWorx is a one man operation by Ravi Goose, located in Singapore.

GoosoniqueWorx SeventheavenHow did GoosoniqueWorx start?

The noise began in 2002 when I decided to build my own gear. As a musician and on a quest for something larger than the norm, something different from the usual, I went down the road less traveled. I toured as a tech in the early nineties and I still do tech services and consultancy for gigging and touring musicians, which contributed to my design of GoosoniqueWorx products and services. Also, more than 10 years in the Aerospace industry, contributed to the design quality and delivery of the product.

A lot of inspiration came from vintage pedals and amps. I started out by modding my own pedals and amps and soon got busy with my circle of friends and eventually musicians in Singapore sent in their gear for repairs, mods and upgrades.

I was also inspired and helped by people (Doug Hammond, RG Keen, Analogguru just to name a few) from the online community in which I was one of the early members and contributors on various pedal and amp forums.

Where does the name come from?

The name came from my street name Goose.

What sets GoosoniqueWorx apart from other builders?

We have placed ourselves within our company's motto 'players choice' as to work closely with working musicians and providing to their needs.

How do you start on a new pedal?

Most of my pedal designs starts with my personal need as I'm a musician myself and also requests from a contributing group of close friends and customers.
We do take a longer time in evaluating and testing a design so 6 months and above is the usual.

How do you name your pedals?

Usually pedals are named after the first impression of our beta testers.

GoosoniqueWorx KultCan you tell us something about the production process?

All pedals are hand made by me in house.

The 7thvn and Kult are built on high quality ROhS PCB's made in the USA. We load them with Wima Capacitors, hand selected NOS Jfets, Alpha audio taper pots, Neutrik jacks and industry standard Blue 3pdt foot switches.

They are placed in aluminium powder coated enclosures with silk screened graphics.

How important is the look of your pedals?

As it performs well we want it to look good too. Hence the current offering of gold knobs and graphics.

Is parts selection important?

We have adopted the habit of giving the best money can offer, so we make products that not only perform well but are also built to last. We also want our products to be easily repairable by any tech so we make sure they have unhindered access to replacing components or parts. We do not goop our product PCB's and we also use industry standard parts.

Which of your pedals makes you most proud?

The Seventheaven, now the 7thvn. As it has captured a wider audience and is unlike other pedals in the market. The new favorite has to be the Kult.

GoosoniqueWorx SeventheavenWhich of your pedals was your toughest build?

Most of my custom fuzz pedals due to difficulty in acquiring NOS parts.

Which of your pedals is the most popular?

The 7thvn and Kult due to enhanced clarity, pick sensitivity, low noise operation and sitting well in pedal chain. Also having the versatility and ability to mimic high gain amps.

Who uses your pedals and for which genres?

As Jfet based High Gain pedals with low floor noise they are in high demand due to their tube like nature, we believe they are preferred by a wider genre of musicians. They're also good value for money and very convenient, as tube amps are more expensive and bulkier for transportation to gigs. They also have the versatility to dial in your tone at the pre-amp stage into any clean amp.

Famous users:

  • Josh Newton (Every Time I Die)

  • "The 7thvn excels in turning a clean amp into a double channel raging beast. It's tight, right, outta sight... and close to a tube amp's response as I have ever heard in a pedal. Hear it to believe.” - Daniel Sassoon (In Each Hand A Cutlass)

  • "I've gone through at least 20 overdrives, medium-high gain effects (and most I've sold away) but nothing has come close to cutting it as well as the Seventheaven. It carries all the science of pushing your signal, without coloring your tone or letting down a great sounding instrument or amp. Be it single coils, P-90s, or humbuckers, the Seventheaven is a must-have on your pedal board for any genre from blues, to rock to metal. Perfect for rhythmn playing and cuts well through the mix on leads. Best of all, it's made by an earnest builder who is not only serious about his craft, he nails it with no compromise and won't settle for second rate. You will not regret it." - Sujin Thomas (In Each Hand A Cutlass)

  • “Simply put, the Seventheavenis a tone monster. Two channels of low to high gain distortion that sound great both at bedroom and stage levels, and with such tonal complexity. Easily one of the best dirt boxes i have ever played through.” - Amran Khamis (I Am David Sparkle)

  • "The main attraction, at least to me at first, was the 7thvn's versatility. Talk about spoilt for choices or knobs to meddle with! As compared to most distortion pedals out there which focuses on the 80s rock tone, nu-metal saturated tones and most common for high gain, the thrash metal tone, the 7theaven places more focus on the versatility of a dirt channel rather than emulating great tones of the past, pushing you as a player to search for a tone that suits your rig overall and your playing style. It also features a choice of two channels so I can pretty much dial in any dirt tone that I'm required for a certain song that I'm practicing/performing for.
    And other reason it has earned its stay on my pedalboard for a few years, is due to how silent it is even at the highest gain settings. There is simply NO NOISE coming from this beast AT ALL and by any chance you hear feedback or any form of interference, it's probably because you're standing too close to your amp or you have a faulty cable or you're just nitpicking too much. So goodbye to that noise gate taking up space for other effects on your board.”
    - Effendi Sulaiman (Dualtone)

What does the future of GoosoniqueWorx look like?

We are set on our production and delivery of the 7thvn and Kult pedals due to high demand for now. We are looking at hiring a few more staff to support on production of current products. There are few more other pedals in the design and trial stages for 2012.

We are also looking at our own tube amps due to increased demand for our amp mods and custom amps.

We are currently establishing a proper and wide distribution chain so as to get Goosoniqueworx recognized internationally.

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