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Here's FXDB's interview with Chris Mac Gregor of Chris Mac Gregor:

How did Chris Mac Gregor start?

Already nearly 50 years, I am a guitarist and I am also working with electronics. Throughout my life I create devices based on my needs. Because these devices ignited interest among friends musicians, I started to produce them for them as well.

I never received any help, I use my own resources, my own ideas and my own hard work. Inspiration comes from the music that I play.

Where do the name and logo come from?

The name comes from the names of the two founders of the company.

Because the company name sounds like a first and last name, I like how the logo looks like a handwritten signature.

How do you start on a new pedal?

Ideas for new pedals arise while creating music.

Typically, a prototype appears within a month, then it takes another month to add features and then it's ready.

Can you tell us something about the production process?

Depending on the project I use several contractors for the production, I do the rest of the work in my company.

The circuits are PCBs, often with SMT. The enclosures are designed by me and executed with sheet steel and wood. They're finished with screen printing or decals.

How important is the look of your pedals?

The appearance of the pedal is important as it is used on stage, but the most important are its style and functionality.

Is parts selection important?

For each project it's important that the parts used are chosen with care, but of course, the cost of the parts is quite important too.

Which of your pedals makes you most proud?

I am most proud of the Talk Wah II, a pedal that has not been released yet, because this is the first pedal-operated pedal for voice and instrument at the same time. It's a surprisingly intuitive way to create music and sounds.

Which of your pedals was your toughest build?

Currently, I'm most busy with the new Talk Wah II because of its unexpected possibilities.

Which of your pedals is the most popular?

At the moment our most popular product is the Cry-Cat Wah, because it has many possibilities as a wah, is controlled by light, sounds great and because it is cheap.

Who uses your pedals and for which genres?

I create pedals after my own taste and after suggestions of musicians.

I have a special model Talk Wah II, for the jazz guitarist Jarek Śmietana.

What does the future of Chris Mac Gregor look like?

I have lots of ideas and new projects, so I want to make them. I hope that I can make them reality.

Are you working on any new products?

I'm working on the new Wah-Vocoder (Talk Wah II), the first ones will be available at the beginning of 2012.

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