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How can I add my brand's pedals to Effects Database?

    So far everything on Effects Database was added by me, but as I'm struggling with finding enough spare time (with a full-time job during the day and 2 little kids (1 and 4) at home) I decided to make it possible for brand owners (and volunteers?) to add pedals (model name, type, description and pictures) to a queue after which I just have to make some edits, add things like videos and publish the page on Effects Database.

    This way I don't have to do this alone, save some time (lots of other work and ideas for the site!), your pedals are on the site much sooner (and I'll make sure to post at least some of them on FXDB's social media) and I can still keep the site clean.

    1. You have a forum account AND are in the manufacturers group

    1. Go to myFXDB.
    2. Go to the link (in red) at the top right corner: "Submit / Edit Content"
    3. Create pages by entering the product name, a description, select the type of effect and add pictures.
    4. Post your questions/comments in the sticky topic in the "Manufacturers only" forum.

    2. You are NOT YET in the manufacturers group

    (you don't see the red link at the top right corner of myFXDB)

    1. Register an account (preferable with a recognizable name, an email address using your site's domain,...)
    2. To speed up activation (after registering the account), you can either notify me on Facebook or post a comment in this forum thread with:
      1. Your brand name and link to the brand's page on Effects Database
      2. If I didn't create a page for your brand yet (or if anything is missing there): give a little introduction, a link to your website, links to your brand's social media,...

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