Musikmesse Frankfurt 2010


    Frankfurt, March 24-27, 2010


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    Rumors & leaks

    • Olaf Nobis from Banzai Effects is working on new pedals, one of them is a delay.

    • Carl Martin didn't have new effects this year (too busy putting their previous new pedals into production), but they were showing the pedals from their vintage series in smaller enclosures to check the public's reaction.

    • Mad Professor will release cheaper (mass produced) versions of their pedal range. They had an example of the Sweet Honey Overdrive, but it was stolen (this was discovered when they wanted to show it to me and couldn't find it...). Mad Professor expects the first shipment of these cheaper pedals (1 model at a time) on May 20th 2010.

    • Taurus was also showing a cheaper series of their pedals: the black line series

    • Markbass is going in the same direction, they're working on a range of cheaper and smaller pedals (less knobs, no display, but still using software and USB connections).

    • EBS is working on a new pedal, they didn't want to say which one, but they said it was a pedal that's currently missing from their range (flanger?).

    • ...

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