Ken Stone CGSRR Real Ring Modulator


  • In
    audio input
  • Out
    audio output
  • Carrier
    carrier input


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Four quadrant multipliers have more or less replaced ring modulators in synthesizers, even though they still bear the label "ring modulator". The distortion in these is lower than that of a true diode ring modulator, because the diode voltage drops have been eliminated. This leads to better specifications, though in a noise maker, this is not always desirable.

For years I have been building various four quadrant modulators, and have been satisfied with none of them. Not one of them had the raw sonic beauty of the traditional ring modulators I made when I was first starting out in synthesizer building.

For that reason I present here the "Real Ring Modulator", a traditional diode and transformer ring modulator. Each is hand assembled using matched 1969 germanium diodes (from a computer of the same vintage) and a pair of brand new 3k impedance transformers.

Bare printed circuit boards and kits will not be available - just the assembled ring modulator units. They are passive devices, and can be used as is, or integrated into more complex projects.

Carrier suppression is good, but not complete, so a compressor-expander could help if better suppression is required.


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2013-09-158/10  Great! LoFi Ringmod &Octave up effects. I believe the ZVex&Lovetone ringmods use a similar circuit. -2stars: no housing & requires a booster...

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