Ken Stone CGS35 Synthacon VCF


  • Frequency
    controls the cut-off frequency of the filter
  • Resonance
    controls the filter resonance
  • FM1
    controls how much the FM1 CV can influence the cut-off frequency


  • LP
    audio input for low-pass filter
  • BP
    audio input for band-pass filter
  • HP
    audio input for high-pass filter
  • FM1
    frequency modulation voltage control input 1
  • FM2
    frequency modulation voltage control input 2
  • Out
    audio output
  • ?


Ken Stone's homepage

This module is a "tribute" module, based on the awesome Steiner-Parker Synthacon VCF. Those who know me will know I'm not a big VCF fan. Nonetheless, this VCF really appeals to me. Its sound is quite unlike the Moog ladder, has a lot of character.

Connect the CV input to a voltage source such as a keyboard, envelope generator or sequencer. Connect the output to a VCA or amplifier. Feed the signal to be filtered into the high-pass, band-pass or low-pass input.

Unlike the original, this version allows signals to be fed into all inputs simultaneously. If the same signal is used in all inputs, the result is reminiscent of a phaser. The real fun starts when you feed different signals into each input, then you get a frequency based "interpolating scanner", where panning between different sound sources is possible, though also subject to the frequency at which they are running. I have never heard an effect like it before.

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