Home-Wrecker's Nurse Quacky


  • Sensitivity
    controls how the effect responds to the input signal
  • Attack
    controls the speed of the attack of the filter sweep
  • Range
    controls how much the filter sweeps


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The Dr. Q project by JD Sleep was the first non-fuzz effect I built. It was also, at the time, the most complex circuit I had undertaken. Despite reading the many improvements to the design offered by the Dr. Quack (designed by Jack Orman) I still chose the Dr. Q, deeming the Dr. Quack even more complicated. The Dr. Quack circuit actually isn't that much more complicated than the Dr. Q, but it looked like it would be on my preferred medium of perfboard.

The Nurse Quacky is the result of suggested mods by Mark Hammer, the aforementioned improvements by Jack Orman as found in the Dr. Quack, and my own dissatisfaction with the Dr. Q's shortcomings. The Nurse Quacky is not intended as a competitor or successor to the Dr. Quack (hence the demoted title). The Nurse Quacky is simply my personal version of the Dr. Q circuit. Additionally, the mods I implemented can be transferred to the Dr. Quack with ease.

PCB available at General Guitar Gadgets

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