Magnus Danielson's 2-pole State Variable Filter


  • Frequency
    controls the frequency of the filter (P1a, P1b on the schematics)
  • Q
    controls the Q/resonance/peak of the filter (P2 on the schematics)


  • In 1/2/3/4
    4 audio inputs
  • Notch Out
    audio output of the notch filter
  • Highpass Out
    audio output of the high-pass filter
  • Lowpass Out
    audio output of the low-pass filter
  • Bandpass Out
    audio output of the band-pass filter


Magnus Danielson's homepage

This is a classic schoolbook filter which has no fancy features like CV control etc. It is usefull both as it is, but also to put next to the CV-enabled variant (such as the SEM and ASM-1 VCFs) for eductional comparisions. For completeness all outputs are buffered, but that is optional (except for the notch output, if being used). This is also a great filter to use as a base for a full parametric equalizer.

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