[review] Positive Grid BIAS Distortion - Tone Match Distortion Pedal (by LievenDV)

First impression

I bought the BIAS distortion a couple of months ago because this unit seemed to cover most of my overdrive and most of all: distortion needs.

Intrigued by the hardware+software combo that allows users to store more than enough presets in many different flavors of distortion, I decided to invest. The unit isn't cheap but this baby could replace my complete drive section. It isn't small either but way more handy than having a bunch of cables and pedals all wired together. The ability to edit the presets in an interface that didn't make me throw up was a refreshing experience for a change.

I found out that trying to copy/paste a whole bunch of pedals to a programmable distortion pedal is a cool concept but the platform is just as useful for people like me, who don't care about sounding like guitarist X or band Y. I want to build my own sounds and I'm glad I can.

Positive Grid BIAS DistortionThis is not your typical multi-effect pedal where you build a chain with a distortion, delay, reverb, chorus etc. from a list and you turn the knobs.

You only get to do the drive/distortion part but you can you in so much detail! Start from a preset and get to work in the different stages. You can add up to two EQ's between the stages you like to shape even more in-between. It's interesting to hear how rolling off or boosting frequencies makes the next stage respond completely different. The interface of the software is fun to work with and might seem a bit "fluffy" to hardcore techies but don't be fooled by looks; editing the chain will keep you tweaking that certain preset to what you like.

Nice touch, you can provide the face plate of your virtual pedal with custom artwork you can import.

The unit offers 2 banks with 10 presets each. Most of them have names on the physical unit but that doesn't matter, you can put anything you like in there.

You assign virtual pedals to the hardware pedal simply by a drag-and-drop in the software. On the hardware pedal you can easily decide which pedals you want under the 3 preset slots that can be accessed with the footswitches.

Weekly overview (2017, week 47): 4 new brands and 30 new pedals

[review] Caroline Guitar Company Kilobyte - Lo-Fi Delay (by Bieke)

Caroline Guitar Company was founded in 2010 by guitarist Philippe Herndon. He first started modding pedals and later on decided to start a pedal business. From then on, everything Caroline Guitar Company released were original circuits and unique pedals, targeted towards guitarists in search of exciting sounds. Every Caroline pedal is handmade at their small batch distortery in Columbia, South Carolina. Currently, the range consists of the Haymaker overdrive, the Olympia fuzz, the Icarus booster, the Wave Cannon and Cannonball distortions, the Météore reverb and last but not least the Kilobyte Lo-Fi digital delay. Development of the Kilobyte was crowdfunded and the pedal was already released in 2013. So without further delay, here’s my Kilobyte review.

The Looks

Some Kilobytes are black some are light blue or grey and there also is a retro 64 style Kilobyte design.

The one I got from Bart is black with gold lettering, In and mono Out and a 9V DC plug on the front panel, black MXR style knobs with clear white markers with enigmatic icons next to the controls. The controls are Level, Attack, Sum and Clock and Tacos, a small minipot in the middle for modulation. The original Kilobyte had this pot hidden on the inside. There are two footswitches, on the right is a momentary switch that engages the Havoc mode and on the left, there is a true bypass On/Off switch.

Weekly overview (2017, week 46): 4 new brands and 44 new pedals

collage of this week's updates

4 new brands

  1. Deadbeat Sound
  2. Doc Lloyd Audio
  3. Gravity Pedals
  4. Morceau Music

44 new effects

  1. Ammoon AP-02 Ultimate Drive
  2. Ammoon OCTA - Precise Polyphonic Octave Pedal
  3. Billionaire (by Danelectro) C.E.O. - Tremolo
  4. Billionaire (by Danelectro) Money Laundry - Spinning Speaker
  5. Billionaire (by Danelectro) Texas Trouble - Overdrive
  6. Deadbeat Sound Delay Lay Lay - Analog Delay
  7. Deadbeat Sound Thank You - Distortion/Sustain
  8. Deadbeat Sound The Void - Reverb
  9. Deadbeat Sound Wet Dreams - Chorus
  10. Demon Pedals Kijo Fuzz
  11. Doc Lloyd Audio Grit 'n' Girth - Overdrive
  12. Doc Lloyd Audio Photon Death Ray - Opto Compressor
  13. fmpedals Arwana - Fuzz / Distortion
  14. Gearmanndude Disco Bush - Fuzz
  15. Gravity Pedals GCH-1 Chorus
  16. Gravity Pedals GDT-1 Distortion
  17. Gravity Pedals GLP-1 Looper
  18. Gravity Pedals GMO-1 Metal Overdrive
  19. Gravity Pedals GOD-1 Overdrive
  20. Gravity Pedals GVD-1 Delay
  21. Ground Control Audio Serpens - Optical Compressor/Boost
  22. Henretta Engineering H-Bomb Trembrato - Tremolo/Vibrato
  23. Hochstrasser Electronics Disco Terrapin - Envelope Filter
  24. Hochstrasser Electronics Helping Friendly Box - Dual Overdrive and Compressor
  25. Hotone Audio Freeze B - Nano Amplifier Head
  26. J. Rockett Audio Designs I.Q. Compressor
  27. J. Rockett Audio Designs Majestic - Overdrive
  28. KHDK Electronics Ghoul JR - Mini Overdrive
  29. KMA Audio Machines Strokkur - Germanium Treble Booster
  30. Lounsberry Amp Rescue - Amp Driver
  31. Lounsberry Rupert - Bass Overdrive Preamp
  32. Lounsberry Smilin' Jack - Fuzz Tone
  33. Lounsberry Tall & Fat - FET Clean Boost
  34. Lounsberry Toy Robot - Low Gain Overdrive
  35. Lounsberry Wurly Grinder - Electric Piano Overdrive
  36. MAK Crazy Sound Technology Choco Slayc
  37. MAK Crazy Sound Technology Temporal Tap Machine
  38. Meris Polymoon - Super-Modulated Delay
  39. Moen BS-BA Buffalo Bass - Bass Amp Simulator with DI
  40. Morceau M-OD-01 Overdrive
  41. Mosky MP-38 Mini Screamer
  42. Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess - Distortion Chorus/Delay
  43. Seymour Duncan La Super Rica - Silicon Fuzz
  44. Wampler Pedals Tumnus Deluxe

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Weekly overview (2017, week 45): 3 new brands and 45 new pedals

collage of this week's updates

3 new brands

  1. Hochstrasser Electronics
  2. Mugig
  3. Smirnov Electronics

45 new effects

  1. 6 Degrees FX Amplitude ELEVEN - Class A Overdrive
  2. Aroma ARE-5 Rotary
  3. Aroma ASF-5 Silicon Fuzz
  4. Blaxx (by Stagg) Bass Equalizer
  5. Blaxx (by Stagg) Bass Limiter
  6. Blaxx (by Stagg) Equalizer
  7. Blaxx (by Stagg) Looper
  8. Caline Music CP-43 Pegasus - Overdrive
  9. Donner Nano Looper with 3 modes
  10. Hotone Audio Captain Sunset - Nano Amplifier Head
  11. Hotone Audio Eagle's Heart - Nano Amplifier Head
  12. Hotone Audio Freeman B - Nano Amplifier Head
  13. Hotone Audio Siva Boogie - Nano Amplifier Head
  14. Hotone Audio Vulcan Five-O - Nano Amplifier Head
  15. Mosky Tone Bus Power Supply
  16. Mugig A Booster
  17. Mugig Black Box - Cabinet Simulator DI
  18. Mugig Crystal Chorus
  19. Mugig Echooos - Digital Delay
  20. Mugig Green Tube - Overdrive
  21. Mugig Hot Chilli - British Distortion
  22. Mugig Loop Camp
  23. Mugig Modular - 11 Digital Modulation Effects
  24. Mugig Reverburg - Reverb
  25. Nexihum Sound Cult Ayers
  26. Nexihum Sound Cult Black Blood
  27. Nexihum Sound Cult BoogieMaster v1
  28. Nexihum Sound Cult BoogieMaster v2
  29. Nexihum Sound Cult Diagon Alley
  30. Nexihum Sound Cult DoubleFace v1
  31. Nexihum Sound Cult ToneBurst v1
  32. Orion Effekte Twangtone Dakota Drive +
  33. Palmer Pocket series Encore - Looper
  34. Palmer Pocket series Vintage Reverb
  35. Pigtronix Octava Micro
  36. Scary Pedals Ghost Boost
  37. Stacks FX Crazy 8 Tremolo
  38. Stacks FX Dabber - Overdrive
  39. Stacks FX Fuzz Gazer
  40. Stacks FX Lil Guy Boost
  41. Stacks FX Lil Masher - Compressor
  42. Stacks FX Native Lung Reverb
  43. SubDecay Vagabond - Harmonic Tremolo
  44. SubDecay Vector - Analog Preamp
  45. The Tone Mob (by Adventure Audio) The Demogorgan v2

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Weekly overview (2017, week 44): 3 new brands and 46 new pedals

collage of this week's updates

3 new brands

  1. Nordstrand Audio
  2. Rocket Surgeon
  3. Scary Pedals

46 new effects

  1. Ananashead FX 828 Fuzz
  2. Aroma AHAR-5 Harmony
  3. Dedalo FX ALU9
  4. Dr. No Mini Turd Fuzz
  5. Dr. No Sauce Dispenser Crystal Boost (with Koen Fu\'s Customshop)
  6. Earthbound Audio Effects Throat Locust - HM-2 Metal Distortion
  7. EWS BMC Bass Mid Control II
  8. Fromel Electronics D.I.G. - Overdrive
  9. Fryer Mayday - AC Style Overdrive
  10. Fryer Treble Booster Super
  11. Haunted Labs Dark Aura - Modulated Reverb
  12. IdiotBox Dead Space Invader
  13. Ironman Effects Gold Bullion Fuzz
  14. Ironman Effects Silver Bullion - Blues Drive
  15. Ironman Effects The Sticky Bomb - Distortion
  16. JHS Pedals Haunting Mids
  17. JHS Pedals Spring Tank - Reverb
  18. KMA Audio Machines Tyler - The Frequency Splitter
  19. L0/Rez FUZ Computer
  20. Massive FX Pedals Hypnotik Fuzz
  21. Matthews Effects The Engineer - Foundational Bass Overdrive
  22. Midgard Tone Works Jormungandr
  23. Midgard Tone Works Toothgrinder II (Tanngnjostr)
  24. Mission Engineering 529 USB Power Converter
  25. More Gain Amplification Tube Depressor - Overdrive
  26. Mr. Black DR-54 Custom
  27. Mr. Black SS-850 Solid State Echo Chamber
  28. Nocturne Bass Brain - Bass Preamp
  29. Nocturne Mystery Brain Echo 301
  30. Nocturne Shrunken Brain - Dual Preamp/Drive
  31. nuX Morning Star - Overdrive
  32. nuX Sculpture - Compressor
  33. Rocket Surgeon Boris: Fuzz for the People
  34. Rocket Surgeon Codename: Black Hat - Hybrid Fuzz
  35. Rocket Surgeon Seratone: Mood Altering Bass Fuzz
  36. Scary Pedals Monster Boost
  37. Scary Pedals Traci OD - Overdrive
  38. Scary Pedals Valve Drive
  39. TC Electronic 3rd Dimension - Chorus
  40. TC Electronic Choka - Tremolo
  41. TC Electronic Crescendo - Auto Swell
  42. TC Electronic El Mocambo - Overdrive
  43. TC Electronic Eyemaster - Metal Distortion
  44. TC Electronic Honey Pot - Fuzz
  45. TC Electronic Iron Curtain - Noise Gate
  46. TC Electronic Nether - Octaver

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Weekly overview (2017, week 41): 2 new brands and 41 new pedals

collage of this week's updates

2 new brands

  1. DFZ Electronics
  2. Schock Rock

41 new effects

  1. Ananashead FX Gray Drive
  2. Ananashead FX MARK2 - Tone Bender Professional MkII
  3. Ananashead FX MARK3 Tone Bender MkIII
  4. Ananashead FX Sustainer Circle Face + Boostdriver
  5. Ananashead FX Sustainer Civil War / Tall Font
  6. Ananashead FX Sustainer Opamp
  7. Arcane Analog MkI Tonebender
  8. Don Poniz Piccolo FUZZTOTUM Gold
  9. Don Poniz Piccolo FUZZTOTUM Red
  10. Don Poniz Piccolo FUZZTOTUM Silver
  11. Dwarfcraft Devices The Grazer - Granular Repeater & Glitch Machine
  12. Electro-Harmonix Volume Pedal
  13. Fulltone Mas Malo - Distortion/Fuzz
  14. Garland FX COSMO Hybrid Delay
  15. Garland FX Dos Armas - Combo Drive
  16. GFI System Specular Tempus - Reverb & Delay Processor
  17. Greenchild Valve Reaper - Overdrive/Distortion
  18. IdiotBox Holy Trooper Fuzz
  19. IdiotBox Quickstep Momentary Delay
  20. Lone Wolf Audio Lobo - Silicon Tone Bender
  21. Massive FX Pedals G.O.A.F.
  22. Mattoverse Electronics Drive
  23. Mattoverse Electronics Fuzzy Gates
  24. Mooer Audio GE-200 - Amp Modelling & Multi Effects
  25. Mooer Audio MOCx Tender Octaver MkII
  26. Mr. Black JDD-3000+ - Digital Delay+
  27. Mythos Pedals Chupacabra - Overdrive/Fuzz
  28. Omnitek DIR-01 Distortion
  29. Omnitek ODR-01 Overdrive
  30. Recovery Effects Skyline - Fluctuating Fuzz
  31. Schock Rock Green Fuzz 2.0 Standard
  32. Schock Rock Namless Fuzz
  33. Seafoam Pedals Lighthouse Boost
  34. Songbird FX Wagtail Trem
  35. TC Electronic June-60 Chorus
  36. Valeton Loft series BD-10 Blues Driver
  37. Valeton Loft series DS-10 Distortion
  38. Valeton MES-? Dapper Amp Mini
  39. Valeton MES-? Dapper Dark Mini
  40. Valeton MES-? Dapper Looper Mini
  41. Way Huge WHE206 Red Llama 25th Anniversary

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