Meet your builder: Chris Bradford from El Musico Loco (by LordRiffenstein)

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to review El Musico Loco’s Honky Dong, a simple but great sounding booster pedal. You can read my review of the pedal here.

When I was looking into the brand while writing the review, I discovered that El Musico Loco is actually located in Spain and, much to my surprise, they were only 5 minutes away from where I would be spending my holiday in early September. So I shot off an email to them to see if we could arrange something to meet up in Spain.

Because of the damned “communication problems” it took us until the final day of my holiday to actually meet face-to-face. We had in fact already seen Rose, Chris wife, perform in a beach bar a couple of days earlier, but didn’t meet Chris yet. So we met up around noon for lunch, beer and a lot of talking about gear, bands, the music business, living in Europe, etc, etc.

Chris talked about how he came to live in Europe, touring the world with his bands, meeting a lot of interesting people, living in Germany for a while and finally settling in Spain. Spain is definitely a nice place to live, and as weird as it may sound to us for somebody to move from the US West coast to Europe, it all made sense. We talked about his pedals, how he started out repairing musical equipment for a local store and ended up starting El Musico Loco.

Exciting times are coming for them as they have just got a deal with a distributor, their pedals are finding their ways into the world of some well known bands and things are moving ahead in general. Chris talked a bit about some upcoming pedals and got me all excited to get my hands on them because the guy has some great ideas for sure.

I always say a day is a good day if you can do something interesting or meet some interesting people. That day definitely was a good one. It was great to get some insight in how El Musico Loco came to happen, talk about upcoming pedals etc. Chris is a great guy to hang out with, we had an awesome afternoon and often laughed our asses off. Have a look at their profile on this site or their website, it recently received a massive update and you can find all the info about the El Musico Loco pedals!

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