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NAMM 2008: who's going?

Once again I'm looking for someone who's going to the 2008 NAMM Show. It's too far (expensive) for me to go, so I hope there's someone who can take pictures and documentation of all the new guitar effects (new models, new brands,...) for this site :D

Overview of new pedals at the 2007 NAMM show

I know it's late, but here's a small list of new pedals at the NAMM show (more than 3 months ago).

New brands or series

New pedals

Percussa AudioCubes part 2

Last year I posted a message about the Percussa AudioCubes. Today their new website went online and the cubes are available for purchase now!

The cubes can now also be used as MIDI-controllers (videos of the cubes controlling the ELektron Machinedrum and Ableton Live are on the site).

NAMM 2007

In a few weeks the NAMM 2007 show starts in the US. It's a bit too far (or rather: expensive) for me to go there (from Belgium, Europe).

Some shops, forums and other sites show pictures, including some effects, but usually they look more at the instruments and amplifiers.

So if someone is going there to look at the new effect pedals, pictures would be very welcome ;)

Update: Invisible update

I did a big update of the code of the site. Everything looks the same as before, but it will help me a lot to include new features and to try out some new designs. I did some small changes that you might notice:
  • removed the VERY annoying pop-ups caused by the Webstats4u script.
  • changed the look of the category pages: some visitors couldn't find their way to the subcategories, I hope the folder icons help :)
  • ...

Percussa AudioCubes

It's time to tell something about a project my neighbour and friend Bert Schiettecatte is working on: AudioCubes...

Frankfurt Musik Messe 2006

I have my ticket for the Musik Messe in Frankfurt. It will be the first time I go there, but after hearing stories of people who've been there before, I'm really looking forward to it ;)

Analog Man's Guide to Vintage Effects

I finally bought Analog Tom's Analog Man's Guide to Vintage Effects and I found some effects I never heard about :)

I recommend the book to anyone interested in effects as there's really a lot of information about effects history and effects makers. A lot of pioneers and Boutique effect builders were interviewed.

New Sherman Filterbanks!

Sherman released 2 new versions of their Filterbank 2:
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