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Weekly overview (2009, week 01): 6 new brands and 171 new pedals

6 new brands

  1. BamBasic
  2. Boston Engineering
  3. DDyna Music
  4. Fox
  5. MBS
  6. Phantom FX

171 new effects

  1. BamBasic Core Boost
  2. BamBasic NuPlex Natural Overdrive
  3. BamBasic Quadra Overdrive
  4. Basic Audio Electric Mud
  5. Basic Audio Futureman
  6. Basic Audio Lucky Number
  7. Basic Audio Scarab
  8. Basic Audio Solar Myth
  9. Basic Audio Spooky Tooth
  10. Basic Audio Wildcat
  11. Bogdan Helter Skelter - "Polish Love" overdrive
  12. Bonsai Baby Products Ultima Overdrive
  13. Chris Custom DF-1 Dr.Fuzz
  14. Chris Custom Dr.Drive
  15. Chris Custom Dr.Scream
  16. Chris Custom Loud Crusher
  17. Chris Custom Wave Shaker
  18. Colorsound Graphic Equaliser
  19. Colorsound Mixer-Reverb
  20. Crestwood 6-Tr Fuzz Wah
  21. Cutec DS-01 Distortion
  22. DDyna Music Charlie Special
  23. DDyna Music Narlie! Dude
  24. DDyna Music Thinman OD
  25. De Marchi Blues Dream
  26. De Marchi Solo Mx
  27. Deaf Audio Faceplant Fuzz 2
  28. Deep Trip BOG
  29. Deep Trip Hellbender
  30. Deep Trip Kryptone
  31. Diamond Skeleton Digital Pitch Modulator
  32. Diamond Skeleton Octave Drone
  33. Diamond Skeleton Sub-Octave Synthesizer
  34. Dot On Shaft E20CH Super Chorus
  35. Dot On Shaft E20CM Compressor
  36. Dot On Shaft E20DL Delay
  37. Dot On Shaft E20DS Distortion
  38. Dot On Shaft E20FL Flanger
  39. Dot On Shaft E20GE Graphic Equalizer
  40. Dot On Shaft E20MT Heavy Metal
  41. Dot On Shaft E20OD Over Drive
  42. Dot On Shaft E20PH Phaser
  43. DQC LunchBox
  44. Electro-Harmonix SU-2001 The Screw Upper
  45. ElectroniX FaceDrive - Classic Bass Fuzz
  46. ElectroniX FussDrive
  47. ElectroniX GeminiDrive - Bass Overdrive
  48. ElectroniX GeminiDrive Lite - Bass Overdrive
  49. ElectroniX LessDrive - "Vintage" Fuzz
  50. ElectroniX MessDrive - Bass Fuzz
  51. ElectroniX Messdrive Hybrid+ - Bass Fuzz
  52. ElectroniX NoizDrive - Bass Fuzz
  53. ElectroniX PunchDrive - "Amfi" Distortion
  54. ElectroniX StarBlaster II - Double Booster
  55. ElectroniX StarShip - Preamp & Clean Booster
  56. ElectroniX Stronghold - Acoustic Preamp
  57. ElectroniX Stronghold PFM - Acoustic Preamp
  58. ElectroniX Submarine "TMK" - Bass Preamp
  59. ElectroniX Submarine - Pro Bass Preamp
  60. ElectroniX USDrive - Overdrive
  61. Emmons String Machine
  62. ESI Audio System "M. Okayama" Dual Tone
  63. Eventide ModFactor
  64. Eventide TimeFactor
  65. Farndurk Boosten
  66. Farndurk Burgs
  67. Farndurk Gemini
  68. Farndurk Octen
  69. Farndurk Sunshine
  70. Farndurk Trema
  71. Farndurk V2
  72. Farndurk V2C
  73. Farndurk Valven
  74. Farndurk VX
  75. Farndurk X
  76. fOXX Select-a-Fuzz
  77. Franklin Pro Pedals Distortion
  78. Franklin Pro Pedals F-Plex BBD Delay
  79. Franklin Pro Pedals ProDrive
  80. Full Moon Fraternity - Overdrive/Distortion
  81. Fuzzrocious Green Stache
  82. Fuzzrocious Mail Order Muff
  83. Fuzzrocious The Octavus
  84. Fuzzrocious The Overdose
  85. Fuzzrocious Tremorlo
  86. Fuzzrocious TS El Oso
  87. Fuzzrocious Walking Delay
  88. G-Lab BWW-1 Bass Wowee-Wah
  89. G-Lab DR Dual Reverb
  90. G-Lab DR-2 Dual Reverb
  91. G-Lab DVO Dual Vintage Overdrive
  92. G-Lab GSC Guitar System Controller
  93. G-Lab GSC-2 Guitar System Controller
  94. G-Lab MGC-6 Midi Guitar Controller
  95. G-Lab TBWP True Bypass Wah-Pad
  96. G-Lab WW-1 Wowee-Wah
  97. Good Karma Studio Booster
  98. Good Karma Studio Mind Bender
  99. Good Karma Studio PhasaVibe
  100. GreyDressedBoy MotherFuzzer
  101. GreyDressedBoy OldStyleFuzz
  102. GreyDressedBoy PowerGlide
  103. GreyDressedBoy Repeater
  104. GtrWrks 19 Sixty 3
  105. Guild Roadrunner
  106. Invicta Top Box
  107. Jean-Paul Electronics Revalver
  108. Jstone Compressor
  109. Jstone LimeSTONE - Overdrive
  110. Jstone Loke - Shape Changer Distortion
  111. Jstone Rattus Rector - Rat Mod
  112. Jstone Vintage Style Compressor
  113. Jstone Voluspå - Norse Tone
  114. Lee Jackson Mr. Springgy
  115. LNA Guitar Effects Pat'O May Signature Overdrive
  116. LNA Guitar Effects Ultimate Distortion
  117. Lone Wolf Harp Attack
  118. Lone Wolf Harp Delay
  119. Lone Wolf Harp Octave
  120. Lone Wolf Harp Tone+
  121. Lone Wolf Harp V2 Delay
  122. Marion Henry Electric Blue Crush
  123. Marion Henry Electric Fuzz Bucket
  124. Marion Henry Electric Yellow Hammer
  125. MBS Black Sheep - Wah Wah
  126. MBS British Drive - Tube Emulation Distortion
  127. MBS Delilah - Delay
  128. MBS Super Booster
  129. MBS The Wizard - Overdrive
  130. Moen GEC434 Guitar Effects Commander
  131. Moen Power Station
  132. Nashville Fuzzzer
  133. Night Angels Electronics Burn'd Girl - Creamy Overdrive
  134. Night Angels Electronics Firebird
  135. Night Angels Electronics Hot Bone - Hard Distortion
  136. Night Angels Electronics Liquorus - Liquid Chorus/Vibe
  137. Night Angels Electronics Moon's Phase - Smooth Phaser/Vibe
  138. Night Angels Electronics Overbox III - 3 Channel Overdrive/Distortion
  139. Night Angels Electronics Tonekill - Clean/Fat Boost
  140. Night Angels Electronics Tonekill Jr. - Clean/Fat Boost
  141. NX-Generation Gold Drive
  142. NX-Generation Warm Drive
  143. Old World Audio 1960 - Dual Optical Compressor
  144. Ovaltone Azure Dragon - Tube Overdrive
  145. Ovaltone Black Tortoise - Distortion
  146. Ovaltone MAGS Marsh Additional Gain Stage
  147. Ovaltone Vermillion Bird - Fuzz
  148. Ovaltone White Tiger - Overdrive
  149. Paisley Tubby Effects Afghan Delay
  150. Paisley Tubby Effects Blue Musk Overdrive
  151. Paisley Tubby Effects Myxomatosis-Fuzz
  152. Paisley Tubby Effects Quasar
  153. Paisley Tubby Effects Tubby Swirl
  154. Paisley Tubby Effects Vibra Fuzz
  155. Paraclete Productions Fuzz Sustain
  156. PepTone Greenie
  157. Phantom FX Hurt: Adam
  158. Phantom FX Sabbath
  159. Phantom FX Sabbath Fog
  160. Pro Tone Pete Evick P.E. Delay+
  161. Pro Tone Phase Shifter
  162. Pro Tone Rusty Cooley Overdrive
  163. Rockett Pedals Afterburner
  164. Rockett Pedals Boost
  165. T-Rex DGTM Diabolical Gristle Tone Manipulator
  166. T-Rex Gristle King
  167. T-Rex Luxury Drive
  168. ToadWorks Ajax - Stereo Phase Inverter
  169. ToadWorks Roundabout Turbo - Reversible Signal Looper
  170. Vox Swell Pedal
  171. Voxman NG-20 Noise Gate

You can find the overviews of the previous weeks here

Overview of new pedals at the 2009 NAMM show

These were the new effects shown at the 2009 Winter NAMM show. Not all pedals presented as "new" were new, this list only shows what's really new (IMHO ;)):

If you see other new pedals (or have pictures of the pedals in this list for which I have not made a page yet), please let me know :)

NAMM 2009: pictures, brochures,... are VERY welcome!!!

As the NAMM show is a bit too far away for me I wonder if some visitors could take pictures of the new pedals and send them to me (or let me know where I can find them online?).

I'm also interested in the cheap/OEM/new brands that nobody else seems to care about, URL's or brochures are very welcome for these as some of them disappear or sell their pedals under other names.

I hope I can go there one of the next years :D

Update: Browse by country

I added a new way to navigate the brands: by country.

This is the country where the brand name comes from, not necesarily the country where the effects are made (some brands sell effects made in different countries or moved their production a few times).

I couldn't find the right country for all brands yet (especially those that don't exist anymore), so if you see a brand in "(unknown country)" and you know where it comes from, please let me know :)

New Vox & Satriani pedals coming

There are some new pedals coming in the Vox Satriani series. No official news yet, but 2 new models were spotted on Joe Satriani's pedalboard:

New Electro-Harmonix site

Electro-Harmonix launched their new website and it's great!

They added a lot of new features:

  • you can keep up to date thanks to their blog (with RSS feeds)
  • you can submit your own videos about their pedals
  • they're probably the first big effects company to have a Twitter feed (usually a toy for IT people ;))

Check it out now: http://www.ehx.com

A/DA returns...

I heard the rumor and contacted them, this is what A/DA has to say about it:

    ADA™ is back!! Spread the word!!

    The company that started the boutique tone revolution 25 years ago is once again ready to bring you the wonderful ADA™ products of the past and the future! Original founder, original engineer, original products – it’s all getting geared up for your tuneful enjoyment, available at the end of 2008/early 2009. The ADA™ Flanger, Final Phase, Battman, Rocket Amps, Seamoon Fuzz and Funk machine are just a smidgen of what’s coming!

    Look for more info on the ADA™ official website in the next few weeks. Dealers we will be showing at NAMM Jan 2009, pricing and ordering to come!

Anyone going to Music China 2008?

I wonder if there are any readers/visitors of my site who are going to Music China 2008 in Shangai?

I would like to find someone who can take a lot of pictures (and brochures?) of the Chinese guitar effects :) (of course! ;))

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