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NAMM 2009: pictures, brochures,... are VERY welcome!!!

As the NAMM show is a bit too far away for me I wonder if some visitors could take pictures of the new pedals and send them to me (or let me know where I can find them online?).

I'm also interested in the cheap/OEM/new brands that nobody else seems to care about, URL's or brochures are very welcome for these as some of them disappear or sell their pedals under other names.

I hope I can go there one of the next years :D

Update: Browse by country

I added a new way to navigate the brands: by country.

This is the country where the brand name comes from, not necesarily the country where the effects are made (some brands sell effects made in different countries or moved their production a few times).

I couldn't find the right country for all brands yet (especially those that don't exist anymore), so if you see a brand in "(unknown country)" and you know where it comes from, please let me know :)

New Vox & Satriani pedals coming

There are some new pedals coming in the Vox Satriani series. No official news yet, but 2 new models were spotted on Joe Satriani's pedalboard:

New Electro-Harmonix site

Electro-Harmonix launched their new website and it's great!

They added a lot of new features:

  • you can keep up to date thanks to their blog (with RSS feeds)
  • you can submit your own videos about their pedals
  • they're probably the first big effects company to have a Twitter feed (usually a toy for IT people ;))

Check it out now: http://www.ehx.com

A/DA returns...

I heard the rumor and contacted them, this is what A/DA has to say about it:

    ADA™ is back!! Spread the word!!

    The company that started the boutique tone revolution 25 years ago is once again ready to bring you the wonderful ADA™ products of the past and the future! Original founder, original engineer, original products – it’s all getting geared up for your tuneful enjoyment, available at the end of 2008/early 2009. The ADA™ Flanger, Final Phase, Battman, Rocket Amps, Seamoon Fuzz and Funk machine are just a smidgen of what’s coming!

    Look for more info on the ADA™ official website in the next few weeks. Dealers we will be showing at NAMM Jan 2009, pricing and ordering to come!

Anyone going to Music China 2008?

I wonder if there are any readers/visitors of my site who are going to Music China 2008 in Shangai?

I would like to find someone who can take a lot of pictures (and brochures?) of the Chinese guitar effects :) (of course! ;))

Overview of new pedals at the 2008 Summer NAMM show

Summer NAMM is always a smaller show than Winter NAMM, so not many new products are expected, but here are the ones I found:

New models:

Other news:

Update: Rare & Wanted on eBay

I replaced the eBay ads on the right by my own ranking of ongoing auctions, based on their popularity and rarity. I'm still working on my formulas, but I think they're already quite good (as I found some interesting stuff myself while testing ;)).

The ads are related to the page they're on:

  • on category pages you'll see items from that category.
  • on item pages you'll see items that are in the same categories.
  • on the front page (and below the related items on other pages) you'll see the most interesting items of all categories.

Buy It Now auctions are included if they were checked and still active less than 12 hours ago.

I don't hide auctions (even when I'm bidding) and I can't add auctions to those sidebars manually (don't ask). However, if something REALLY should be there (NOT because YOU are selling it), I'd like to hear that because I might have to check my formulas and queries.

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