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Update: New address!

I moved the site from http://filters.muziq.be to http://www.effectsdatabase.com: easier and more international.

I started using the old URL about 5 years ago, intending to make some small music-related sites under the muziq.be domain, but after a while I decided to make a site about all effects, not just envelope filters and I never started the other sites.

The old effectsdatabase.com site disappeared 2 years ago and and the owner didn't extend the domain name registration. Register.com didn't release it for registration until a few weeks ago.

Please, spread the word (and link)!

New Electro-Harmonix pedals! (again!)

New Electro-Harmonix pedals have been announced again!:

  • 22 Caliber - 22 watt power amp (available late June)
  • Cathedral Deluxe Reverb (available in August)
  • POG 2 - XO version of the original POG, programmable with 8 presets and instant recall, (currently available)
  • V256 - Vocoder w/Reflex-Tune (available in July)

Finally pictures are available for these:

And there's a release date and a little more information for this one:

  • Memory Boy, Analog Echo/Chorus/Vibrato (available in July)

Weekly overview (2009, week 21): 6 new brands and 56 new pedals

6 new brands

  1. Bender Pedals
  2. Boulder Sound
  3. Ghost Effects
  4. Rainger FX
  5. SkinPimp
  6. Tanabe.tv

56 new effects

  1. Boss RDD-10 Digital Delay
  2. Boulder Notch
  3. Demeter DRV-2 Uber Driveulator
  4. Lyon (by Washburn) LEPW-3 Vintage Power Wah
  5. Machine Head Pedals 72 Degree Overdrive
  6. Machine Head Pedals Evelyn - Dual Drive
  7. Machine Head Pedals MHP Nitrous Boost
  8. Nobels OD-1 Overdrive
  9. Nobels SOD-1 Super Overdrive
  10. Probes Pedals Super Looper
  11. Sabbadius 80's Overdrive Tone
  12. Sabbadius Black Distortion
  13. Sabbadius Funky Distortion
  14. Sabbadius Funky Filter Tone
  15. Sabbadius Funky Vibe
  16. Sabbadius Oct-Up Fuzz Tone
  17. Sabbadius SRV Clean Sound
  18. Sabbadius Texas Red Fuzz
  19. Sabbadius Tremolius Booster
  20. Seppuku Digital Pitch Modulator
  21. Seppuku Sub-Octave Synthesizer
  22. Siegmund Micro Tube Overdrive
  23. Storm Graphic Equalizer
  24. Tanabe.tv Dumkudo
  25. Tanabe.tv Sunkudo
  26. Tanabe.tv Zenkudo
  27. U-Sound Clean Boost
  28. U-Sound Doping Boost - Germanium Booster
  29. U-Sound Real Mic
  30. U-Sound SB Super Bass - JFET overdrive
  31. U-Sound SL Super Lead - JFET overdrive
  32. U-Sound U2 - Booster + Overdrive
  33. Vestax PCP-1 Compressor
  34. Vestax PDS-1 Distortion
  35. Vestax POD-1 Overdrive
  36. Volz OD-203 Over Drive (black)
  37. Wilson Effects 4 Knob Fuzz
  38. Wilson Effects Chorus
  39. Wilson Effects Clean Boost
  40. Wilson Effects Shocktavia
  41. Wilson Effects Silicon Fuzz
  42. Wilson Effects Ultimate Overdrive
  43. Z.Cat 8-Bit Box
  44. Z.Cat Aces Drive
  45. Z.Cat Atomic Fuzz
  46. Z.Cat Big Reverb
  47. Z.Cat C-LB Compressor + Line Booster
  48. Z.Cat Delay-Reverb
  49. Z.Cat Gold Fuzz
  50. Z.Cat Pitch Shifter
  51. Z.Cat Poly-Octave
  52. Z.Cat Step Filter
  53. Z.Cat Tremolo
  54. Z.Cat Tri Mod-1
  55. Z.Cat White Russian
  56. Z.Cat Zzz Box

You can find the overviews of the previous weeks here

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