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Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy (XO Analog Delay)

In their video about the Screaming Bird (Nano Treble Booster) and The Mole (Nano series Bass Booster) you can already see the case of one of their next pedals: the XO series Memory Boy Analog Delay!

It seems it will have 4 knobs and 2 switches for different modes

Weekly overview (2009, week 13): 7 new brands and 114 new pedals

7 new brands

  1. Ciclar
  2. EMK
  3. GuitarSlinger
  4. Magnetic
  5. Taurus
  6. Thomas
  7. Yuyin (Shenzhen Yuyin Electronics)

114 new effects

  1. Alcove ALP-600 Compressor
  2. Alcove ALP-700 Flanger
  3. Alcove ALP-800 Phaser
  4. AMT F-1
  5. AMT TS-2 True Selector
  6. Artec SE-DI2 2Ch Active DI-Box/Splitter
  7. Artec SE-OCT Octave Drive
  8. Blackout Effectors Whetstone - Analog Phaser
  9. Brunetti Burning Box
  10. Brunetti Mercury Box
  11. Brunetti Taxi Drive
  12. BSM J-Fuzz
  13. Burns Buzzaround
  14. Carl Martin 3-Loop
  15. Carl Martin Bass Drive
  16. Carl Martin Classic Optical Envelope
  17. Carl Martin HeadRoom
  18. Carl Martin Purple Moon - Vintage Fuzz'n'Vibe
  19. Carl Martin Tuner Pedal
  20. EBS DPhaser - Digital Triple Mode Phase Shifter
  21. EBS MetalDrive - Universal Distortion Pedal
  22. Eleca Automatic Tune - Auto Wah Filter
  23. Eleca Black Hurricane - Octave Pedal
  24. Eleca ECT-3 Chromatic Tuner
  25. Eleca ELS-3 LS Looper Switch
  26. Electro-Harmonix Nano Holy Grail
  27. Eleven Electrix Human Sensor Wah (v2)
  28. Eleven Electrix Line Mixer
  29. Eleven Electrix Opto Compressor
  30. Eleven Electrix Purple Fuzz
  31. Eleven Electrix Q-Boost
  32. Eleven Electrix Q-Drive
  33. Eleven Electrix Super Screamer
  34. Eleven Electrix X-Drive
  35. EMK Chorus
  36. EMK Compressor
  37. EMK Digital Delay
  38. EMK Distortion
  39. EMK Flanger
  40. EMK Overdrive
  41. EMK Phaser
  42. EXE ACS-20 Analog Chorus
  43. EXE CF-20 Chorus/Flanger
  44. EXE DDY-20 Digital Delay
  45. EXE DN-20 Distortion
  46. EXE DR-20 Delay & Reverb
  47. EXE FT-60 Chromatic Tuner
  48. EXE OD-20 Overdrive
  49. FAD Custom Design Classic Boost
  50. FAD Custom Design Classic Fuzz
  51. FAD Custom Design Lemon Drive
  52. FAD Custom Design Munch & Crunch
  53. FAD Custom Design Purist Boost
  54. G-Lab DR-3 Dual Reverb
  55. G-Lab GSC-3 Guitar System Controller
  56. G-Lab SD-1 Smooth Delay
  57. GuitarSlinger Blizzard
  58. GuitarSlinger Double-Dealer
  59. GuitarSlinger Echo Man
  60. GuitarSlinger Fireball MkII
  61. GuitarSlinger Highway Star
  62. GuitarSlinger Stargazer
  63. GuitarSlinger Stone Cold Chorus
  64. GuitarSlinger Stormbringer
  65. Jen Variophaser
  66. Livingstone E10 AD Delay
  67. Livingstone E10 CH Chorus
  68. Livingstone E10 DS Distortion
  69. Livingstone E10 MT Heavy Metal
  70. Livingstone E10 OD Overdrive
  71. Livingstone E20 FL Flanger
  72. Magnetic FM100BLE Bass Limiter Enhancer
  73. Magnetic FM100BO Blues Overdrive
  74. Magnetic FM100CS Compressor Sustainer
  75. Magnetic FM100OD Overdrive Distortion
  76. Magnetic FM100PB Preamp Booster
  77. Magnetic FM100TO Tube Overdrive
  78. Magnetic FM100UT Ultra Tremolo
  79. Magnetic FM300PO Power Overdrive
  80. Magnetic FM300XD Distortion-X
  81. Magnetic FM400OD Overdrive
  82. Magnetic FM400UZ Ultra Fuzz
  83. Magnetic FM700BEQ Bass Graphic Equalizer
  84. Magnetic FM700EQ Graphic Equalizer
  85. Magnetic FM800TO Vintage Tube Overdrive
  86. Mahoney Vico Vibe
  87. Mings 6-Band EQ
  88. Mings Digital Reverb
  89. Mings Fuzz
  90. Mings MGD-1 Classic Rock
  91. Mings Phase
  92. MXR M-116 Fullbore Metal
  93. Prescription Electronics Frantic Fuzz
  94. Radial Tonebone Bones Hollywood Dual Distortion
  95. SMB Deity Blues
  96. Taurus Abigar Multi-Drive
  97. Taurus T-Di Preamp plus Di-Box
  98. Taurus Tux Compessor-Limiter
  99. Taurus Vechoor Multi-Chorus
  100. Taurus Zebu Reverb-Delay
  101. Thomas FY-2 Fuzz Box
  102. Tonehunter Spawn
  103. Tonerider AD-1 Analog Delay
  104. Vesta Fire Buf & Loop
  105. Vox amPlug Bass
  106. Vox amPlug Lead
  107. VShock DS-30 Distortion
  108. Yerasov BB-1 Beige Bug Booster
  109. Yerasov BC-1 Brown Creature Distortion
  110. Yerasov GT-1 Green Tick Screamer
  111. Yerasov RS-1 Red Scorpion Distortion
  112. Yuyin CE-1 Chorus
  113. Yuyin DS-1 Distortion
  114. Yuyin OD-1 Overdrive

You can find the overviews of the previous weeks here

Overview of new pedals at the Frankfurt Musik Messe 2009

Here's the list of the new effects announced at the Frankfurt Musik Messe 2009. It will be updated regularly.

No premieres but still great to see:

Please let me know if you found a dead link in this list or if you know other premieres shown at Frankfurt (not in the NAMM 2009 list).

Some picture threads with more than pedals:

Weekly overview (2009, week 11): 11 new brands and 52 new pedals

11 new brands

  1. Balkan
  2. GEM
  3. Highfield
  4. McPherson Stompboxes
  5. McPherson Stompboxes
  6. Megatron
  7. MTI
  8. Owen James Originals
  9. Stick Enterprises
  10. Trio
  11. Valvette

52 new effects

  1. Balkan Driver
  2. Boss BCB-3 Pedal Board
  3. Boss BCB-30 Pedal Board
  4. Boss BCB-6 Pedal Board
  5. Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board
  6. Creepy Fingers Doomi Drive
  7. Creepy Fingers Fuzz Fight
  8. GEM Treble-Bass Booster
  9. Highfield Treble Boost
  10. Legacy CH-100 Super Chorus
  11. Legacy CS-100 Compression Sustainer
  12. Legacy DD-2 Digital Delay
  13. Legacy DS-100 Distortion
  14. Legacy FL-100 Flanger
  15. Legacy HM-100 Heavy Metal
  16. Legacy NG-100 Noise Gate
  17. Legacy OC-100 Super Octave
  18. Legacy OD-100 Overdrive
  19. Mars Real Sound Analog Delay
  20. Mars Real Sound Bass Performer - Dual Input & Dual Super Lead
  21. Mars Real Sound Bass Professional Component - Dual Input & Triple Super Lead
  22. Mars Real Sound Compressor - Analog Guitar Compressor
  23. Mars Real Sound Compressor King - Low Distortion Guitar Compressor
  24. Mars Real Sound Harmonic Tube - Super Quilled
  25. Mars Real Sound Manipulator Intellectual Controller
  26. Mars Real Sound Retro - 4 Mode Acoustic Simulator
  27. Mars Real Sound Super Tube - Classical Overdrive & Metal Distortion
  28. McPherson BKB08 Black Boost
  29. McPherson FET Drive
  30. McPherson JM1 - Joe Murdy Heavy Metal Distortion
  31. McPherson RDB08 Red Boost
  32. Megatron MTR1 Distortion
  33. Megatron MTR2 Super Over Driver
  34. Megatron MTR3 Compressor
  35. Megatron MTR4 Blue Driver
  36. Megatron MTR5 Phase Shifter
  37. MI Audio Boost 'n' Buff v2
  38. MTI Tubes
  39. Owen James Originals TriDrive
  40. Peavey Vypyr Sanpera I
  41. Peavey Vypyr Sanpera II
  42. PUE Parametric Filter
  43. Shin-Ei Distortion Wah
  44. Stick Enterprises Patch Of Shades
  45. Tone Freak Effects Buff Puff
  46. Trio Blues Master
  47. Trio Compressor 1
  48. Trio Distortion 2
  49. Trio Metal Master
  50. Trio Overdrive Classic
  51. Trio Tube Overdrive
  52. Valvette Custom Drive

You can find the overviews of the previous weeks here

Wanted: old brochures, catalogs,...

I asked a few shops around here, but they all seem to clean up their papers regularly (good for them, not for me ;)).

I'm searching all kinds of documentation about guitar effect pedals:

  • brochures, catalogs, flyers,...
  • old magazine ads
  • manuals
  • schematics & service manuals
  • ...

As I'm mostly interested in the content, scans or readable pictures are sufficient if you want to keep the papers.

If you have something, please let me know through the contact form.


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