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New Paul Lenders pedals

I went to Antwerp's Mega Music Fair today, a very small fair of new and secondhand gear and this year it was smaller than ever. There was 1 very interesting booth though: the one of Paul Lenders Guitarsystems, where I saw 3 new pedals:

Weekly overview (2009, week 35): 5 new brands and 116 new pedals

5 new brands

  1. JinDrum
  2. L.R. Baggs
  3. L.R. Baggs
  4. Neo Instruments
  5. PitchMaster

116 new effects

  1. Aria VP-10 Volume Pedal
  2. Blackout Effectors Twosome Dual Fuzz
  3. Boss GT-10 Guitar Effects Processor
  4. Boss GT-10B Bass Effects Processor
  5. Boss GT-3 Guitar Effects Processor
  6. Boss GT-5 Guitar Effects Processor
  7. Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor
  8. Boss GT-6B Bass Effects Processor
  9. Boss GT-8 Guitar Effects Processor
  10. Boss GT-Pro Guitar Effects Processor
  11. Boss ME-10 Guitar Multiple Effects
  12. Boss ME-20 Guitar Multiple Effects
  13. Boss ME-20B Bass Multiple Effects
  14. Boss ME-30 Guitar Multiple Effects
  15. Boss ME-33 Guitar Multiple Effects
  16. Boss ME-5 Guitar Multiple Effects
  17. Boss ME-50 Guitar Multiple Effects
  18. Boss ME-50B Bass Multiple Effects
  19. Boss ME-6 Guitar Multiple Effects
  20. Boss ME-6B Bass Multiple Effects
  21. Boss ME-70 Guitar Multiple Effects
  22. Boss ME-8 Guitar Multiple Effects
  23. Boss ME-8B Bass Multiple Effects
  24. Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer
  25. DigiTech BP200 Modeling Bass Processor
  26. DigiTech BP50 Modeling Bass Processor
  27. DigiTech BP8 Valve - Vacuum Tube Bass Preamp/Processor
  28. DigiTech BP80 Modeling Bass Processor
  29. DigiTech GNX-1 GeNetX Guitar Workstation
  30. DigiTech GNX-2 GeNetX Guitar Workstation
  31. DigiTech GNX-3 GeNetX Guitar Workstation
  32. DigiTech GNX-3000 Guitar Workstation
  33. DigiTech GNX-4 GeNetX Guitar Workstation
  34. DigiTech RP1
  35. DigiTech RP10
  36. DigiTech RP100 Modeling Guitar Processor
  37. DigiTech RP1000 Modeling Guitar Processor
  38. DigiTech RP100A Artist Modeling Guitar Processor
  39. DigiTech RP12
  40. DigiTech RP14D
  41. DigiTech RP150 Modeling Guitar Processor
  42. DigiTech RP155 Modeling Guitar Processor
  43. DigiTech RP20 Valve
  44. DigiTech RP200
  45. DigiTech RP2000 Modeling Guitar Effect System
  46. DigiTech RP200A Artist Modeling Guitar Processor
  47. DigiTech RP21
  48. DigiTech RP21D Integrated Tube Guitar Processor
  49. DigiTech RP250 Modeling Guitar Processor
  50. DigiTech RP255 Modeling Guitar Processor
  51. DigiTech RP3 Processor/Preamp
  52. DigiTech RP300 Modeling Guitar Processor
  53. DigiTech RP300A Artist Modeling Guitar Processor
  54. DigiTech RP350 Modeling Guitar Processor
  55. DigiTech RP355 Modeling Guitar Processor
  56. DigiTech RP5
  57. DigiTech RP50 Modeling Guitar Processor
  58. DigiTech RP500 Modeling Guitar Processor
  59. DigiTech RP55 Modeling Guitar Processor
  60. DigiTech RP6
  61. DigiTech RP7 Valve
  62. DigiTech RP70 Modeling Guitar Processor
  63. DigiTech RP80 Modeling Guitar Processor
  64. DigiTech RP90 Modeling Guitar Processor
  65. DigiTech RPx400 Modeling Guitar Processor
  66. JinDrum SGE-10 Graphic Equalizer
  67. Korg ToneWorks AX1000G Modeling Signal Processor
  68. Korg ToneWorks AX100G Modeling Signal Processor
  69. Korg ToneWorks AX10A Modeling Signal Processor
  70. Korg ToneWorks AX10B Modeling Signal Processor
  71. Korg ToneWorks AX10G Modeling Signal Processor
  72. Korg ToneWorks AX1500G Modeling Signal Processor
  73. Korg ToneWorks AX1B Bass Hyperformance Processor
  74. Korg ToneWorks AX1G Guitar Hyperformance Processor
  75. Korg ToneWorks AX3000B Modeling Signal Processor
  76. Korg ToneWorks AX3000G Modeling Signal Processor
  77. Korg ToneWorks AX300B
  78. Korg ToneWorks AX300G
  79. Korg ToneWorks AX30B
  80. Korg ToneWorks AX30G
  81. Korg ToneWorks AX3A Modeling Signal Processor
  82. Korg ToneWorks AX3B Modeling Signal Processor
  83. Korg ToneWorks AX3G Modeling Signal Processor
  84. Korg ToneWorks AX5B Modeling Signal Processor
  85. Korg ToneWorks AX5G Modeling Signal Processor
  86. Korg ToneWorks G1 Guitar Distortion Processor
  87. Korg ToneWorks G2 Acoustic Guitar Processor
  88. Korg ToneWorks G3 Guitar Processor
  89. Korg ToneWorks G4 Rotary Speaker Simulator
  90. Korg ToneWorks PX1 Pandora
  91. Korg ToneWorks PX2 Pandora
  92. Korg ToneWorks PX3 Pandora
  93. Korg ToneWorks PX3B Pandora
  94. Korg ToneWorks PX4 Pandora
  95. Korg ToneWorks PX4A Pandora
  96. Korg ToneWorks PX4B Pandora
  97. Korg ToneWorks PX4D Pandora
  98. Korg ToneWorks PX5D Pandora
  99. L.R. Baggs Venue D.I.
  100. Neo Instruments Ventilator - Rotary Cabinet Simulator
  101. PitchMaster SA-60 Guitar Tuner
  102. Roger Mayer Classic-X
  103. Roger Mayer Metalloid
  104. Roger Mayer Mongoose-X
  105. Roger Mayer Spitfire-X
  106. Roger Mayer Stone-X
  107. Roger Mayer Vision Wah Special
  108. Roger Mayer Voodoo-Blues
  109. Roger Mayer Voodoo-Vibe+
  110. Zoom GFX-1 Guitar Effects Processor
  111. Zoom GFX-3 Guitar Effects Processor
  112. Zoom GFX-4 Guitar Effects Processor
  113. Zoom GFX-5 Guitar Effects Processor
  114. Zoom GFX-707 Guitar Effects Processor
  115. Zoom GFX-707II Guitar Effects Processor
  116. Zoom GFX-8 Guitar Effects Processor

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The summer holidays are over: new pedals!

The summer holidays are over and several new products were released or announced:

Tone Factor's YouTube Pedal Giveaway !!!

ToneFactor is doing a pedal giveaway!


The First Place winner gets their choice of the following:

Second Place winner gets their choice of the following:

Third Place winner gets their choice of the following:

Weekly overview (2009, week 30): 19 new brands and 59 new pedals

19 new brands

  1. Brena Effects
  2. Carl's Custom Guitars
  3. Dazatronyx
  4. Dean Ramsay
  5. Eiko
  6. Harden Engineering
  7. Locomofon
  8. MadeByMike
  9. Mammoth Sound
  10. Mojotronics
  11. Nina Electronics
  12. Petronics
  13. Pigdog
  14. Screaming Baby Amplifiers
  15. Squirrel Audio
  16. Stress FX
  17. Swaptronics
  18. The Gig Rig
  19. VFE Pedals

59 new effects

  1. Boss RPQ-10 Preamp / Parametric EQ
  2. Boston BTU-500 True Bypass Stage Tuner
  3. Cutec CHR-5 Chorus
  4. D*A*M Fuzz Sound MkIII
  5. D*A*M FUZZrong
  6. D*A*M Head Buzz
  7. D*A*M Super Bee - Germanium Fuzz Tones
  8. Dazatronyx Class A Germanium Amplifier
  9. Dazatronyx Effects Loop
  10. Dazatronyx Germanium Fuzz
  11. Dean Ramsay The Doomsday Machine
  12. Dwarfcraft Devices Eau Claire Thunder
  13. Dwarfcraft Devices HAX
  14. Dwarfcraft Devices Rot Yr Brain
  15. Dwarfcraft Devices Shiva
  16. Dwarfcraft Devices Thumping Double Squaresnakes
  17. Eiko SS-102 Echo Chamber
  18. Giannini BEF2 Super Envelope Follower
  19. Giannini BF2B Big Fuzz
  20. Giannini BQ1 Graphic Equalizer
  21. Harden Engineering Flaming Skull
  22. Harden Engineering The Swallow
  23. Lell VB-180 Stereo Vibrato
  24. Locomofon Baby Tokyo Compressor
  25. Locomofon Boustier Driver
  26. Locomofon Everyscream Overdrive Modeller
  27. Locomofon Fuz Completo
  28. Locomofon Kindergarten Blitzkrieg
  29. Locomofon Kindergarten Panzerskräck
  30. Locomofon Monito
  31. Locomofon Platanito
  32. Locomofon Radiator Tube Heater
  33. Locomofon Schmolume Booster
  34. Merlin Tube Driver
  35. Mojo Hand Gyro
  36. Nina Electronics Fuzzbeard
  37. Petronics Overdrive
  38. Pigdog Amp Unit
  39. Pigdog Dirty 8
  40. Radial BigShot ABY Amp Switcher
  41. Radial BigShot EFX Loop Switcher
  42. Radial BigShot I/O
  43. Radial BigShot MIX Effects Insert/Mixer
  44. Radial BigShot SW2 Dual Remote Switcher
  45. Screaming Baby Amplifiers Flower Power - Analog Distortion
  46. Screaming Baby Amplifiers Ghost Bystander Fuzz
  47. Screaming Baby Amplifiers Supreme Tone Box
  48. Screaming Baby Amplifiers Supreme Tone Stereo Analog Distortion
  49. Squirrel Audio Cyclops Squirrel
  50. Squirrel Audio Fuzzy Squirrel
  51. Squirrel Audio Germanium Fuzz
  52. Stress FX BMP Ram's Head
  53. Stress FX Octavcide
  54. Swaptronics Fuzz Face
  55. Swaptronics Rangemaster
  56. Wampler Pedals Triple Recstortion
  57. Washburn LWAH3 Vintage Power Wah
  58. Will Sledge FX Last Adam - Rat Clone
  59. Will Sledge FX The Judge

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