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Overview of new pedals at the Frankfurt Musik Messe 2009

Here's the list of the new effects announced at the Frankfurt Musik Messe 2009. It will be updated regularly.

No premieres but still great to see:

Please let me know if you found a dead link in this list or if you know other premieres shown at Frankfurt (not in the NAMM 2009 list).

Some picture threads with more than pedals:

Weekly overview (2009, week 11): 11 new brands and 52 new pedals

11 new brands

  1. Balkan
  2. GEM
  3. Highfield
  4. McPherson Stompboxes
  5. McPherson Stompboxes
  6. Megatron
  7. MTI
  8. Owen James Originals
  9. Stick Enterprises
  10. Trio
  11. Valvette

52 new effects

  1. Balkan Driver
  2. Boss BCB-3 Pedal Board
  3. Boss BCB-30 Pedal Board
  4. Boss BCB-6 Pedal Board
  5. Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board
  6. Creepy Fingers Doomi Drive
  7. Creepy Fingers Fuzz Fight
  8. GEM Treble-Bass Booster
  9. Highfield Treble Boost
  10. Legacy CH-100 Super Chorus
  11. Legacy CS-100 Compression Sustainer
  12. Legacy DD-2 Digital Delay
  13. Legacy DS-100 Distortion
  14. Legacy FL-100 Flanger
  15. Legacy HM-100 Heavy Metal
  16. Legacy NG-100 Noise Gate
  17. Legacy OC-100 Super Octave
  18. Legacy OD-100 Overdrive
  19. Mars Real Sound Analog Delay
  20. Mars Real Sound Bass Performer - Dual Input & Dual Super Lead
  21. Mars Real Sound Bass Professional Component - Dual Input & Triple Super Lead
  22. Mars Real Sound Compressor - Analog Guitar Compressor
  23. Mars Real Sound Compressor King - Low Distortion Guitar Compressor
  24. Mars Real Sound Harmonic Tube - Super Quilled
  25. Mars Real Sound Manipulator Intellectual Controller
  26. Mars Real Sound Retro - 4 Mode Acoustic Simulator
  27. Mars Real Sound Super Tube - Classical Overdrive & Metal Distortion
  28. McPherson BKB08 Black Boost
  29. McPherson FET Drive
  30. McPherson JM1 - Joe Murdy Heavy Metal Distortion
  31. McPherson RDB08 Red Boost
  32. Megatron MTR1 Distortion
  33. Megatron MTR2 Super Over Driver
  34. Megatron MTR3 Compressor
  35. Megatron MTR4 Blue Driver
  36. Megatron MTR5 Phase Shifter
  37. MI Audio Boost 'n' Buff v2
  38. MTI Tubes
  39. Owen James Originals TriDrive
  40. Peavey Vypyr Sanpera I
  41. Peavey Vypyr Sanpera II
  42. PUE Parametric Filter
  43. Shin-Ei Distortion Wah
  44. Stick Enterprises Patch Of Shades
  45. Tone Freak Effects Buff Puff
  46. Trio Blues Master
  47. Trio Compressor 1
  48. Trio Distortion 2
  49. Trio Metal Master
  50. Trio Overdrive Classic
  51. Trio Tube Overdrive
  52. Valvette Custom Drive

You can find the overviews of the previous weeks here

Wanted: old brochures, catalogs,...

I asked a few shops around here, but they all seem to clean up their papers regularly (good for them, not for me ;)).

I'm searching all kinds of documentation about guitar effect pedals:

  • brochures, catalogs, flyers,...
  • old magazine ads
  • manuals
  • schematics & service manuals
  • ...

As I'm mostly interested in the content, scans or readable pictures are sufficient if you want to keep the papers.

If you have something, please let me know through the contact form.


Weekly overview (2009, week 06): 7 new brands and 64 new pedals

7 new brands

  1. Greenhouse Effects
  2. Groove Street
  3. Marque
  4. Old School Effects
  5. PiggyFX
  6. Pluto Music Systems
  7. Sovtek (??????) / Electro-Harmonix

64 new effects

  1. Aria RE-101 Sustainer
  2. Aria RE-81 Bass Booster
  3. Boss DB-33 Dr. Beat
  4. Electro-Harmonix Nano Screaming Bird - Treble Booster
  5. Electro-Harmonix Nano The Mole - Bass Booster
  6. Emma BE-1 Banjo Eliminator
  7. Greenhouse Effects Finger Boost 2
  8. Greenhouse Effects Finger Fuzz
  9. Greenhouse Effects Finger Lick
  10. Greenhouse Effects Goldrive
  11. Greenhouse Effects Goldrive XL
  12. Greenhouse Effects Jurassic Fuzz
  13. Greenhouse Effects Low Kick
  14. Greenhouse Effects Seismic Pulse
  15. Groove Street Boost
  16. Holden Phuzz 2
  17. Jen Power Booster
  18. Luxor Wah-Wah
  19. Maestro 2 Band Parametric Equalizer
  20. Maestro Dual Filter
  21. Maestro Pluto Filter Pedal
  22. Malekko Spring Chicken
  23. Marque Super Distortion
  24. Mayfair Wah Wah
  25. Mega WB-01 Blue Driver
  26. Mega WD-01 Compressor
  27. Mega WO-01 Super Over Driver
  28. Mega WP-01 Phase Shifter
  29. Mega Wx-01 Distortion
  30. ModTone MT-CB Clean Boost
  31. ModTone MT-DD Deep Dive - Octave Plus
  32. ModTone MT-FF Funk Filter Enveloper
  33. ModTone MT-PB8 Powered Pedalboard
  34. ModTone MT-POWP - Power Plant Variable Voltage Energy Station
  35. ModTone MT-WAH Vintage Wah
  36. Morley George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah
  37. Morley TM Stevens Fonk Wah - Bass Wah
  38. nuX EQ-7 Equalizer
  39. nuX MX-6 Extreme Distortion
  40. Old School Effects Crank Box
  41. Old School Effects Fong Fuzz
  42. Old School Effects Sonic Bump
  43. Trucker Side FX Fuzz-Wah-Swell
  44. Uncle Ernie's Effects BassDriver
  45. Uncle Ernie's Effects Booster
  46. Uncle Ernie's Effects Custom Switcher
  47. Uncle Ernie's Effects EchoDriver
  48. Uncle Ernie's Effects HoneyDriver
  49. Uncle Ernie's Effects LiveDriver
  50. Uncle Ernie's Effects OverDriver
  51. Wholenote BCH-270 Bass Chorus
  52. Wholenote BCH-70 Bass Chorus
  53. Wholenote BEQ-70 Bass Equalizer
  54. Wholenote BLM-270 Bass Limiter
  55. Wholenote BOD-270 Bass Overdrive
  56. Wholenote BOD-70 Bass Overdrive
  57. Wholenote DS-80 Distortion
  58. Wholenote HLT2817 Prodipe by Sparks Crystal Guitar Preamp
  59. Wholenote HM-270 Heavy Metal
  60. Wholenote HM-80 Heavy Metal
  61. Wholenote OC-200 Super Octave
  62. Wholenote TR-180 Tremolo
  63. Wholenote TU-80 Pedal Tuner
  64. Zed FX Mutha Fuzza

You can find the overviews of the previous weeks here

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