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Weekly overview (2009, week 44): 7 new brands and 104 new pedals

7 new brands

  1. Badger
  2. Cave Passive Pedals
  3. Charlie Hall
  4. Freedom Tube Amplification
  5. Henretta Engineering
  6. JHS Pedals
  7. M&M Electronics

104 new effects

  1. A.Y.A Chorus
  2. Audible Disease IN-2 Infection
  3. Audible Disease SB-1 Synth Bomb
  4. Cave Passive Pedals 60's Break Up
  5. Cave Passive Pedals Colour Sucker
  6. Cave Passive Pedals Cosmic Swell
  7. Cave Passive Pedals Detour
  8. Cave Passive Pedals Furry Tongue
  9. Cave Passive Pedals Grunt
  10. Cave Passive Pedals Ming Rodulator
  11. Cave Passive Pedals Mini Miff
  12. Cave Passive Pedals Oct-Tonal
  13. Cave Passive Pedals Octa-Bass
  14. Cave Passive Pedals Separate Ways
  15. Cave Passive Pedals Tubular Waves
  16. Charlie Hall Cutting Edge
  17. Danelectro Cool Cat CO-2 Drive v2
  18. Delta Lab DBFX1 Bass Multi Effects Pedal
  19. Delta Lab DGFX1 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal
  20. Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy - Analog Delay
  21. Electro-Harmonix Nano Iron Lung Vocoder
  22. Electronic Sounds Sustain
  23. Elite Tone Fillmore Thunder
  24. Freedom Tube Amplification Llama Roja
  25. Guyatone HXm5 Heat Exchanger
  26. Guyatone PA-3 Acoustic Pre Amp
  27. Henretta Engineering Choad Blaster
  28. Himmelstrutz Fitzo - Overdriver
  29. Höfner Analogue Chorus
  30. Höfner Analogue Delay
  31. Höfner Blues Overdrive
  32. Höfner Fuzz
  33. Höfner Tremolo
  34. Höfner Vintage Compressor
  35. Johnson PR-2 Power Phase
  36. Ken Multi MDS-22 Digital Delay/Sampler
  37. M&M Electronics Solid State Professional Fuzz Unit
  38. M&M Electronics Solid State Professional Top Boost
  39. Mod Kits DIY K-910 The Verb
  40. Moen MIGI-3
  41. Multivox SE-PB Big Jam Pedal Board
  42. Okko Dominator
  43. RAS Earbasher
  44. RAS Headkrusher
  45. Rock Music Alfa AB-2 2-Way Selector
  46. Rock Music Alfa Bi-Fet Preamp
  47. Rock Music Alfa Digital Delay
  48. Rock Music Alfa Supra Distortion
  49. Rock Music Lestion LCH-I Chorus
  50. Rock Music Lestion LMD Metal Distortion
  51. Rock Music Lestion LMF Metal Fuzz
  52. Rock Music Lestion LOD-1 Overdrive-Distortion
  53. Rock Music Lestion LPE-3 Parametric EQ
  54. Rock Music Lestion LPH-I Phaser
  55. Rock Music Lestion Metal Distortion I
  56. Rock Music Lestion Metal Distortion II
  57. Rock Music PW-1 Pedal Wah
  58. Rock Music RB-1 Super Flanger
  59. Rock Music RC-1 Chorus
  60. Rock Music RD-1 Digital Delay
  61. Rock Music RD-4 Reverb/Delay
  62. Rock Music RDD-1 Digital Delay
  63. Rock Music RDO-1 Over Drive Distortion
  64. Rock Music RH-1 Heavy Metal Rock
  65. Rock Music RMC-2 Metal Zone / Super Chorus
  66. Rock Music RMT-4
  67. Rock Music RMT-5
  68. Rock Music RW-1 Wah Wah Rocker
  69. Rock Music TX-II Turbo Drive / Distortion
  70. SBE Master Big Muff
  71. SBE Master Chorus
  72. SBE Master DD-3 Delay
  73. SBE Master Delay
  74. SBE Master DM-5 Death Metall
  75. SBE Master Dynacomp
  76. SBE Master EX-1 Extreme
  77. SBE Master GE-1 Distortion
  78. SBE Master GE-2 Overdrive
  79. SBE Master GE-4 Bass Blender
  80. SBE Master HM-4 Heavy Metall
  81. SBE Master King Screamer
  82. SBE Master King Screamer+
  83. SBE Master Krank Dist
  84. SBE Master Line Selector
  85. SBE Master MD-3 Metall Drive I
  86. SBE Master MD-4 Metall Drive II
  87. SBE Master MD-5P Metall Drive Plus
  88. SBE Master MZ-1 Metall Zone
  89. SBE Master Napalm Machine
  90. SBE Master PM-3 Phaser
  91. SBE Master Red Box Distortion
  92. SBE Master Shred Master
  93. SBE Master SM-1 Spider
  94. SBE Master ST-1 Stinger
  95. SBE Master TM-1 Terminator
  96. SBE Master Vampire
  97. Sonic Box Hippie Fuzz
  98. Sonic Box Hot Boost
  99. Sonic Box T Boost
  100. Trio Fat Cat Overdrive
  101. Wampler Pedals Nirvana Chorus
  102. WMD Super Fatman Envelope Filter
  103. Z.Cat Cat Fuzz Si - Silicon Fuzz
  104. Z.Cat Delay-Chorus

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Cave Passive Pedals

Due to a lack of time I don't often post about new pedals, but this is (IMHO) quite special: a brand of passive effects pedals: Cave Passive Pedals from Australia.

Not just tone controls and switch boxes, but also octavers, ringmods and overdrive pedals, all working without a battery or adapter.

Weekly overview (2009, week 43): 7 new brands and 79 new pedals

7 new brands

  1. Hammond
  2. Luster Proseries
  3. Monolith Loudspeakers & Effects
  4. REDesign
  5. Rockbox Electronics
  6. Shun Nokina Design
  7. Tonephile

79 new effects

  1. (unknown, USSR) Ltava Fuzz/Wah/Tremolo (?????)
  2. Aguilar TLC Compressor
  3. Biyang Baby Boom series AD-10 Time Machine
  4. Biyang Baby Boom series DS-10 Max Distortion
  5. Biyang Baby Boom series FZ-10 Fuzz Star
  6. Biyang Baby Boom series OD-10 Mad Driver
  7. Biyang Baby Boom series RV-10 Tri Reverb
  8. CheeseBlocks Effects sCream Cheese + Boost
  9. Creepy Fingers Ed Mundell's Infinity Fuzz
  10. Creepy Fingers Magna Bender
  11. D*A*M Fuzzaround
  12. Dazatronyx Optical Tremolo
  13. Eko ECH-3 Chorus
  14. Eko ECP-3 Compressor
  15. Eko EDD-2 Short Digital Delay
  16. Eko EDD-3 Long Digital Delay
  17. Eko EDT-3 Distortion
  18. Eko EFL-3 Flanger
  19. Eko EFZ-3 Fuzz
  20. Eko EOD-3 Overdrive
  21. Eko EPS-3 Phaser
  22. Eko EUM-3 Ultra Metal
  23. Eleca EFZ-3 Fuzz
  24. Electro-Harmonix 64 Second Digital Looping Recorder
  25. Electro-Harmonix Guitar Synthesizer
  26. Empress Effects Super Delay Vintage Modified
  27. Excel EX-400 4-Channel Mini Mixer
  28. Excel EX-700 Volume Pedal
  29. Foot System PT-999 Phase Tone
  30. Foot System VOC TM-776 Talking Machine
  31. Fromel Electronics Phuz Ge
  32. Fromel Electronics Phuz Si
  33. Hammond Condor GSM - Guitar Sound Modulator
  34. Hammond Condor RSM - Reed Sound Modulator
  35. Hammond Condor SSM
  36. Ibanez PT-900 Phase Tone
  37. Ladipo Silverwing
  38. Luster Proseries CHR-5 Chorus
  39. Luster Proseries FLG-5 Flanger
  40. Maestro G-1 Rhythm 'N Sound For Guitar
  41. Maestro G-2 Rhythm 'N Sound For Guitar
  42. Maestro USS-1 Universal Synthesizer System
  43. Maestro W-1 Sound System For Woodwinds
  44. Maestro W-2 Sound System For Woodwinds
  45. Maestro W-3 Sound System For Woodwinds
  46. Maximum Acoustics BC-5 Bass Chorus
  47. Maximum Acoustics FL-5 Jet Flanger
  48. Maximum Acoustics NG-5 Noise Gate
  49. Maximum Acoustics SC-5 Super Chorus
  50. Maximum Acoustics VT-5 Vibrato-Tremolo
  51. Monolith Lodestone
  52. Monolith Tectonic Shift
  53. Monsterpiece Fuzz MkIII
  54. Musonic VP-101 Variable Phaser
  55. Nau Engineering Buzz Box
  56. Plum Crazy FX Si Clops
  57. REDesign Ge Boost
  58. REDesign Micro Boost
  59. REDesign Micro Buffer
  60. REDesign Micro Buzz
  61. REDesign Octavia
  62. REDesign Redhead
  63. Rockbox Boiling Point - Overdrive/Boost
  64. Rocktron Celestial Delay
  65. Rocktron Reaction Chromatic Tuner
  66. Rocktron Reaction Dynamic Filter
  67. Rocktron Reaction Hush
  68. Rocktron Reaction Tremolo
  69. Rocktron Sacred Fire Compressor
  70. Rocktron Tru-Loop EFX Looper
  71. Shun Nokina Design Redemptionist
  72. Soundtech Rhythm-12
  73. Stomp Under Foot 1971 Triangle Big Muff
  74. Stomp Under Foot Civil War Big Muff
  75. Stomp Under Foot Halo Bender
  76. Stomp Under Foot Hellephant
  77. Stomp Under Foot Violet Ram's Head Big Muff
  78. Tonephile Puredrive
  79. Z.Cat Blender

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Weekly overview (2009, week 42): 7 new brands and 61 new pedals

7 new brands

  1. Fruit Sound
  2. Nativo
  3. Reliquary Amp & Effect Works
  4. Sonic Wave
  5. StevAudioLab
  6. Strictly 7
  7. Switch Audio

61 new effects

  1. Balkan Ace - Volume/Buffer
  2. Catalinbread WIIO
  3. E-Wave British Drive
  4. E-Wave Chorus
  5. E-Wave Comprssor
  6. E-Wave Distortion Giant
  7. E-Wave Double Press Overdrive
  8. E-Wave Flanger
  9. E-Wave Mr. Dirty
  10. E-Wave Nineth Sky Overdrive
  11. E-Wave Phase
  12. E-Wave Super Tap Delay
  13. E-Wave Texas Drive
  14. E-Wave Tremolo
  15. E-Wave Ultimate Fuzz
  16. Fruit Sound Orange Drive
  17. GoosoniqueWorx Boosty
  18. GoosoniqueWorx Citrus
  19. GoosoniqueWorx Fudge 73
  20. GoosoniqueWorx MangoJuice
  21. GoosoniqueWorx Noizetherapy
  22. GoosoniqueWorx Pixie
  23. GoosoniqueWorx Tremor
  24. GoudieFX Blue Daddy
  25. GoudieFX Chorus
  26. GoudieFX OTP - One Trick Pony
  27. HAO OD-16 Omega Drive Sixteen
  28. JMI Tone Bender MkI - Mick Ronson signature edition
  29. Nativo ECH-3 Chorus
  30. Nativo EDT-3 Distortion
  31. Nativo EFL-3 Flanger
  32. Nativo EFZ-3 Fuzz
  33. Nativo EOD-3 Overdrive
  34. Nativo EPS-3 Phaser
  35. Nativo EUM-3 Ultra Metal
  36. Nativo EWP-1 Wah Pedal
  37. Nativo LS-3 LS Looper Switch
  38. PSK PB10 Effector Board
  39. Reliquary Amp & Effect Works Boost
  40. Reliquary Amp & Effect Works Boost/Overdrive
  41. Reliquary Amp & Effect Works Fuzz
  42. Reliquary Amp & Effect Works Single Tube Distortion
  43. Reliquary Amp & Effect Works Solid State Distortion
  44. Rivera Buf V
  45. Rocktron Black Rose Octaver
  46. Rocktron Mega Booster
  47. Rocktron Reaction Chorus
  48. Rocktron Reaction Compressor
  49. Rocktron Reaction Digital Delay
  50. Rocktron Reaction Distortion 1
  51. Rocktron Reaction Octaver
  52. Rocktron Reaction Phaser
  53. Rocktron Reaction Super Booster
  54. Rocktron Reaction Super Charger Overdrive
  55. Rocktron Third Angel Distortion
  56. Sonic Wave Sounds Of Time
  57. StevAudioLab Ringing Sound - Treble & Gain Booster
  58. Switch Audio Chronicles Overdrive
  59. Switch Audio Florence Analog Delay
  60. Switch Audio Manhattan Distortion
  61. Z.Cat Poly-Octaver 2

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Rocktron releases 2 new series of pedals!

At Winter NAMM Rocktron already showed some pedals from what they now called the Rocktron Boutique series of pedals, but nothing was heard about those since then. Now it seems they'll be available in a few days or weeks.

At the same time they'll also release the Rocktron Reaction series of compact pedals.

Weekly overview (2009, week 38): 6 new brands and 50 new pedals

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