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Weekly overview (2015, week 49): 24 new brands and 37 new pedals

collage of this week's updates

24 new brands

  1. 1776 Effects
  2. Barbas FX
  3. Barn 3 Pedals
  4. Bigot Pedals
  5. Bookworm Effects
  6. Broken Audio Devices
  7. Dr. Moonstien
  8. FuzzPuppy
  9. InnoGear
  10. KingOfKlon Devices
  11. Kong
  12. LIC Pedals
  13. Masonorous FX
  14. Mythos Pedals
  15. NMR Pedals
  16. Occtone Guitar Effects
  17. Occvlt Pedals
  18. Paradox Effects
  19. PB&J Pedals
  20. Samurai FX
  21. Seafoam Pedals
  22. Sixties Effects
  23. Slow Hand Custom
  24. Westminster Effects

37 new effects

  1. Alexander Pedals Golden Summer - Reverb
  2. Alexander Pedals History Lesson - Tap Tempo Delay
  3. Alexander Pedals La Calavera - Phaser
  4. Alexander Pedals Princess Clang - Royal Overdrive
  5. Alexander Pedals Waveland - Tremolo / Chorus / Phaser
  6. Copilot FX Robotum - Ring Modulator
  7. Dr-No Road Runner - Octave Fuzz Wah
  8. Eagletone (Narrow Series) Drive In - Overdrive
  9. Eagletone (Narrow Series) Extra Balls - Distortion
  10. Eagletone (Narrow Series) Pumpkin - Compressor
  11. Eagletone (Narrow Series) Shoot Again - Digital Delay
  12. Eagletone Shaker
  13. Greer Amps / Elliott Guitars Little Samson - Distortion
  14. InnoGear DC Core 10 Effect Pedal Power Supply
  15. Jim Dunlop FFM-6 Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face Mini - Chrome Limited
  16. Joyo PXL-Live Dual 4 Channel FX Switching System
  17. Kong Beer-Fuzz
  18. Kong Camo-Flange
  19. Kong Choir-Vette
  20. Kong Delay-Lay
  21. Kong Dist-Urber
  22. Kong Mister-Right
  23. Kong Power-Bar
  24. Kong Uber-Drive
  25. Moen AM-FM Fuzz Moo
  26. Moen NLP-1 1Loop - Nano Loop / Switcher
  27. Olsson Amps The Wizard - Overdrive
  28. One Control (designed by BJF) Little Green Emphaser
  29. Rabbit Hole FX Chaosmic Fuzz
  30. Rowin LEF-332 Looper
  31. StoneFly Effects Grizzly Fuzz
  32. StoneFly Effects Two Headed Werewolf Fuzz
  33. Tone City All Spark - Boost
  34. Tone City Comp Engine - Compressor
  35. Tone City Tremble - Tremolo
  36. Walrus Audio Transit 1 - True Bypass Looper
  37. Way Huge WHE205HC Saucy Box HC

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Weekly overview (2015, week 45): 2 new brands and 63 new pedals

collage of this week's updates

2 new brands

  1. Dr. Acid Effects
  2. Ohm Made Electronics

63 new effects

  1. Daredevil Pedals Almighty Bass
  2. Dawner Prince Boonar - Multi-Head Drum Echo
  3. Dr. Scientist The Heisenberg Molecular Overdrive
  4. Foxpedal Ebenezer - Clean MOSFET Boost
  5. Foxpedal Foxtail - Articulate Overdrive
  6. Foxpedal K-Buffer
  7. Foxpedal Magnifica - Reverb
  8. Foxpedal Refinery - Compressor
  9. Foxpedal Slow Hound - Creamy Overdrive / Solo Boost
  10. Foxpedal The City - TS-Style Overdrive
  11. Foxpedal The Kingdom - Transparent Overdrive
  12. Foxpedal The Wave - Dual Delay / Reverb / Modulation
  13. Foxpedal Wrath - Distortion
  14. Harley Benton Custom Line AW-5 Auto Wah
  15. Harley Benton Custom Line CH-5 Chorus
  16. Harley Benton Custom Line CS-5 Compressor
  17. Harley Benton Custom Line CT-5 Chromatic Tuner
  18. Harley Benton Custom Line DL-5 Analog Delay
  19. Harley Benton Custom Line DT-5 Distortion
  20. Harley Benton Custom Line Dual Loop Switch
  21. Harley Benton Custom Line FL-5 Flanger
  22. Harley Benton Custom Line FZ-5 Fuzz
  23. Harley Benton Custom Line LD-5 Digital Delay
  24. Harley Benton Custom Line OC-5 Octave
  25. Harley Benton Custom Line OD-5 Overdrive
  26. Harley Benton Custom Line PS-5 Phaser
  27. Harley Benton Custom Line UM-5 Ultra Metal
  28. Harley Benton D-Seed - Dual Channel Digital Delay
  29. Harley Benton Micro Stomp AC-Tone - Amp Simulator
  30. Harley Benton Micro Stomp AT Drive - Overdrive
  31. Harley Benton Micro Stomp Blue Rain - Overdrive
  32. Harley Benton Micro Stomp Boogie Master - Amp Simulator
  33. Harley Benton Micro Stomp Clean Glass - Amp Simulator
  34. Harley Benton Micro Stomp Golden Face - Amp Simulator
  35. Harley Benton Micro Stomp Little Blaster - Distortion
  36. Harley Benton Micro Stomp Pipe Bomb - Compressor
  37. Harley Benton Micro Stomp Rated Boost - Clean Boost
  38. Harley Benton Micro Stomp Time Magic - Delay
  39. Harley Benton Micro Stomp Wild Boost - Drive Boost
  40. Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Bass Wah
  41. Keeley ME-8 Multi Echo - ADT / Echo / Reverb
  42. ModTone MT-CHR Chorus
  43. ModTone MT-CR Compressor
  44. ModTone MT-FZ The Fuzz
  45. ModTone MT-SD Signal Booster
  46. ModTone MT-TR Harmonic Tremor
  47. Mosky AMP Headphone
  48. Mosky Crunch - Distortion
  49. Mosky D250 Overdrive
  50. Mosky DC Core 10 Pedal Power
  51. Mosky DEC - Buffer/Booster
  52. Mosky Dyna Compressor
  53. Mosky JCM Sound
  54. Mosky SHO Booster
  55. Mosky TM Overdrive
  56. Mosky VOL Attenuator
  57. Mosky XP Booster
  58. Ninevolt Pedals 1927 Homerun King Comp
  59. Ninevolt Pedals Bath Time Reverb
  60. Ninevolt Pedals Fishing Is As Fun As Fuzz
  61. Ninevolt Pedals I Was A Wolf In The Forest - Distortion
  62. Ohm Made Electronics Fuzz Out!
  63. Ohm Made Electronics TB Booster

Overviews of the previous weeks: http://www.effectsdatabase.com/updates/weekly

Discuss these updates at the forum: http://forum.effectsdatabase.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=500

Soon? T-Rex Replicator

It appears we're getting closer to the release date of the T-Rex Replicator Tape Echo.

I added some official pictures and more info to the page and I replaced my YouTube videos with better versions (something went wrong with most of the videos I made at Musikmesse when I rendered them the first time, so they were only online for a short time).

Michael's introduction: description

Lars' introduction: features,...

The demo

New T-shirts coming soon (to fund my trip to Winter NAMM 2016)

T-shirts v3

NAMM 2016 is still 3 months away, but I started making plans to attend again, hopefully without NAMMthrax and blisters from hell this time, but not wearing brand new shoes and not having to run to catch a plane after arriving with the wrong passport first should help! I try to go every other year but my 2nd son made me skip an extra year.
Since the costs for such a trip (from Belgium...) are quite high I decided to do another T-shirt campaign to help me fund it.

With the previous batches I got a lot of requests for a black shirt, so that will definitely be one of the options. Yes, "one of", I'll probably offer quite a lot of colors (all with the same colors of print).
It's possible that I'll do 2 campaigns: 1 for shirts printed in the US (as last times) and one for shirts printed in Europe (cheaper shipping) if I can make that clear on the campaign pages (at the manufacturer's site).

The shirt will show the Effects Database logo (again), but with a bigger "monster" and smaller text than the previous shirts. The logo was designed by David Medel aka Weirdbeard72, who also designed a lot of gig posters, shirts, cd covers and pedals for Catalinbread, Earthquaker Devices,...

Shirts from the previous campaigns (for NAMM 2013 and a small one for those who missed that) were bought by a lot of badass/cool/lovely/... people/friends including a lot of pedal manufacturers (including Mike Matthews from Electro-Harmonix!) and "media people" (Burgs, JustNick, Rebecca Dirks,...) and other friends/followers/readers from around the world (USA, UK, Norway, Argentina, Greece, Austrlia,...) as you can see here (Facebook album) and here (pictures of the first campaign only, but here on this site).

I'll show these shirts on social media a few more times, just to avoid getting a lot of questions for shirts after the campaign is over ;-)

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