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[review] T-Rex ToneBug Fuzz (by Bieke)

Yeah, so, fuzz is a hard effect to describe. I often wonder what the folks at Maestro were thinking back in the day when they released the first commercially available fuzz pedal. Hmmm, they initially figured it would appeal to country players. Maybe this was because when country artist Marty Robbins was recording his 1961 hit “Don’t Worry”, session guitarist Grady Martin accidentally created a fuzz effect during the session. This is often said to be the birth of the fuzz guitar.

[review] 3Leaf Audio Groove Regulator (by Bieke)

The 3 Leaf Audio Groove Regulator claims to be one of the most versatile envelope filters on the market today. Its circuit is derived from the infamous and discontinued Lovetone Meatball. The large frequency and dynamic range makes it equally suitable for bass, guitar, keyboards or synths, samplers and general studio use.

Now, the Meatball had a plethora of knobs and switches, interfering with each other, making it a rather complex and hard to dial in pedal. The Groove Regulator attempts to reduce the complexity. For instance, on the Meatball there is a hi, mid, and low switch, whereas the Groove Regulator only has hi and lo. The Groove Regulator also maintained a lot of the same features as the Meatball but makes them more user friendly.

[review] Spaceman Gemini III - Dual Fuzz Generator (by Bieke)

Gemini III

The Gemini III fuzz is named after the Gemini III space mission, a heroic mission that brought the first corned beef sandwich into orbit back in 1965. This also explains why the Gemini III is such a tasty fuzz.

The Gemini III is an all-discrete (no IC’s) transistor fuzz. It features two different fuzz circuits in parallel, one vintage germanium and the other, modern silicon, which can be used independently or blended together. Gemini means twins after all.


Let us look at the equally tasteful controls, what immediately drew my attention and tickled my curiosity is the unique Ge/Si control that allows to adjust, mix and layer the Germanium and Silicon fuzz sections.

[review] Haunting Mids v3 (by Bieke)

Where to begin?

Perhaps a little explanation for those who are not familiar with Haunting Mids. The first rule of Haunting Mids is you do not talk about Haunting Mids. The second rule of Haunting Mids is you do not talk about Haunting Mids. Third and most important rule is you do not talk about not talking about 'it'.

Some say that Haunting Mids was created by Chuck Norris and that Steven Seagal is a member there, although it can be hard to pick him out in the group meetings because everybody has to wear a kimono although a smelly pair of Nudies are also accepted.

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